Friday, February 19

How to Dress Like a Writer

We've all seen the publicity shots of famous authors. Nora Roberts is always dressed as a class act. The photos of an RWA conference show people dressed in business suits, high heels and pearls. But...what does an actual writing writer who's writing right at this moment wear? (say that three times fast)

I'll tell you what *I* wear. Anything elastic waisted and cuddly. At this particular moment I have on sweat socks, blue fleece pants with little Frosty the Snow Man's on them, a 3XL men's gray fleece sweatshirt and well...comfy undies. So I'm not going to be America's Next Top Model, but hey, I'm comfy.

So what, you say, what does that have to do with a hill of beans?

Not much to do with beans, but a lot to do with distraction. If I was wearing a pearl necklace with my ensemble, I might be spending more time running my fingers up and down the pearls than up and down my QWERTY.....I might have to re-adjust my thong a few times, and squirm in my seat (ok, toomuchinformation!) rather than just plop down and start to write.

For me, I need writing with no distractions. No music, no cats dancing in front of my monitor, no television blaring in the background. I write especially well between 2-3am. Now no two writers are the same by any means! But go ahead and try it some time....put on those comfies, turn off the blare, sit yourself down and let your brain kick in.

Tomorrow's ensemble will be the extra fleecy navy Christmas tree pants, the hooded pink sweatshirt with IOWA splattered across the front and again...the comfy undies.

What's your favorite outfit?



  1. I pretty much wear my day to day attire. Comfortable pants and a loose shirt. Sometimes workout pants and in the summer, capris. But, I have to have a shower before my muse kicks in, probably because that's where I do some of my best plotting, with the water pouring over my head.

  2. I'm a jeans girl. If I can throw on one of the DH's old sweatshirts and my most comfy jeans I'm a happy camper. But sweats and flannal pj's are faves, too. I just try to remember to change my pj pants before I leave the house....

    I'd probably scandalize some of my non-fiction contacts...yesterday doing a phone interview I was wearing Betty Boop fleece pj bottoms and a white long-sleeved tee... I'm pretty sure they were wearing suits on their end.

  3. I'm still in my nightie. I'm so freakin' lazy. :)

  4. Jeans and a long t-shirt. And I can't forget my snuggie.

  5. I'm with the nightshirt, and if I get chilly, I put sweats on under it. Somehow I'm not all about elegance.