Friday, February 26

Planning ahead….

So, a lot of us aren’t published, right? But that doesn’t mean we haven’t thought ahead to the big day when we will be. And we will be.

So what happens then?

Do we quit our job, stay dressed in our sweats all day tapping on the keys, trying to hammer out success number two? Do we go buy a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s with our advance money and take a year off, going from bookstore to bookstore doing signings? Or do we just continue on with life the same as it was before?

Something to think about.

I can’t begin to tell you how success would make me, even a minor success. Will I turn snotty and say “I’d like to thank all the little people….no, wait, it was ME, all ME!” Or will I be gracious and thank my mom, who’s backed me the entire way?

Gosh, I just don’t know. (I do know, my mom would ground me if I didn’t mind my manners)

If you’re like me, and heaven help you if you are, =) you’ve looked through the personalized bookmarks (c’mon, admit it), bookplates and business cards. You’ve read the brochure on Nationals, and dreamed of being in a power suit and wowing the editors and agents left and right. Ah, the dreams.

Have you worked on writing your dedication? Said “aw shucks, tweren’t nothing” a few times just to get the hang of it? Practiced writing your name autograph just to see how it would look on the title page? Imagined how your name would look on the front of a book?

Sure you have. Me too.

And I’m sure as I start getting into the querying more and more, I’ll be diving for the phone at every opportunity, mowing over anything that crosses my path, taking the phone into the shower with me just in case, and possibly mowing the lawn (if we ever get to see green grass again here in Iowa!) with the cordless taped to my ear just in case.

I can see it happening.

But for now, I’m just another writer, plucking away at the QWERTY, re-writing, re-thinking, re-plotting.

And dreaming.



  1. Carrie,
    You forgot the Oprah recommendation and the Matt Lauer interview. Oh, wait, he's my fantasy :)

  2. ...and don't forget about Ellen...and Kelly Ripa (she does a 'fun book' club every summer)...and the list goes on.

    But I'll still be wandering around in pj pants and tees most days... :)

  3. Carrie, you make me laugh with every post. Most days, I do make it in to jeans but I can't remember the last time I bothered with make-up. (Shudder!)You're going to hit that target, I have no doubt!

  4. You forgot the really fun parts, Carrie. Like when you're signing books and no one comes, or if they do, they just want to know where the bathroom is. Or when someone asks when you're going to write a REAL book. Or how much you had to pay to get your book published.

    Seriously, the whole published thing is as much fun as you think it will be, but there are definitely some downers to it, too. And no secret handshake!

  5. I want to find out how this feels so bad!