Monday, March 8

Grab your three seconds of fame!

Having grown up in Los Angeles, I am an award show fanatic (in case you couldn't tell from my post last month about the Grammys). I love the glitz, glamour, gorgeous dresses, the speeches, the big opening numbers, and the knowledge that millions of people around the world are all watching, just like me. Accordingly, I was glued to the Academy Awards last night. It was great when during the screenwriting category they actually showed the script pages next to the action on screen. Every writer deserves his day, right?
We many not all get a shot at the Oscar, but we do all deserve our three seconds of fame. Why? Because we work so very hard! So you need to grab at whatever shot you get. Last week I did an all day live chat. It amazed me that people cared enough to ask questions about how I write, and even more surprisingly, commented back after I answered. For one day, I had my own tiny but blindingly bright spotlight - and I reveled in it. I had an absolute blast. Did more than ten people read the interview? No idea. Does it matter? Nope. What does matter is the recognition, the fact that even one person took time out of their busy day to pat me on the back for my years spent on a solitary labor of love. You all need to do the same! Grab any opportunity. When you finish a chapter, go have a celebratory coffee with friends. When you finish a manuscript, tell everyone! Because no matter what ends up happening with your story, completion is a point many people don't even approach. So celebrate at any and every opportunity. Seize your own spotlight, and enjoy the heck out of it!


  1. I watched it...and thought it went on way too long, but it was worth it to see Sandra Bullock win and to see Steve and Alex on a couch wearing red snugglies!

  2. I didn't watch. All I care about is the gowns and the best and supporting actor/actress.

    But I agree, you need your three minutes...when I won the contest in Denver and got to go up and get the plaque, I felt like a celeb!

    In my old in-town crit group, we used to give each other bouquets or gift certificates when one of us completed a ms. And we used to give each other Italian charms when we completed a chapter on time.

    It was fun. I miss those days.

  3. I'm totally with you on rewrites. I hate doing them even though it needs to be done.

  4. There is a definite thrill to finishing a book. Even if it proves not to be marketable, you were still able to get to a place that others only dream of.

  5. D'Ann -

    I love this analogy, and I agree 100% on the pain. People who like re-writing...well...I just don't understand them.

    But I do think it's easier to handle the re-writing when you put the project aside for a while and then come back to it.


  6. sounds exactly like my Home-Ec experience except my bobbin thread always looked like one of Charlie Brown's kite strings. My mom also taught adult sewing classes, did tailoring and taught my 4-H sewing class. She's also my biggest fan and encouraged my writing, even though I never could sew.