Wednesday, March 3

I'm Still Cold!

Before I hear your groans resonating from all corners of the world, no, this is not another post, tweet or status update about cold weather. See, I know you well...or maybe I just realized I've been whining a little too much. Anywho!

Why am I cold? Because during my deep water run today (therapy for the ankle...and it helps recovery time from more physical workouts. Again, anywho!) the water was just a teesy bit...cold! Only about 80 degrees in 10 feet of water. Brrrrrrrrr. Why? Because firefighters used the pool on Friday and after that SOMETHING got stuck in the over the weekend they drained, cleaned and refilled the pool. All that water takes a looooong time to heat.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, during my 45 minutes in the pool I had to do something (other than exercise) to keep warm so I distracted myself playing the what-if game...what if a firefighter was murdered and a clue was left in the filter? what if, what if, what if. And, as always my what-if game turned to the current wips. I started wondering what if my hero had to save my heroine from a cold lake? what if it was my heroine doing the saving, thereby emasculating my alpha-dog-hero, just a little bit? Would that change the dynamic of their relationship, especially if it happened near the black moment and caused the hero to rethink his life's philosophy? And then my thoughts circled back around to the real firefighters, their training routines...and my cold feet in the pool.

Oh, sweet, firefighters, what did they leave behind?

So far nobody's talking. And I'm not sure I really want to know.


  1. Kristi,
    Don't you love how anything can spark an idea!!! One of the best things about being a writer, imo!

  2. exactly! I love that part of my the pool is up to 84 degrees... so by my next run tomorrow should be nice and toasty in there!

  3. That is so neat, but I'd rather be without ideas than be cold.

  4. one word, and one word only.