Thursday, February 23

A Little R and R

Rest and Relaxation?


Revise and Resubmit.

Yep. I got one of those from an agent. Yay, me.

It all started with a 100 page partial request in January's Cupid Contest--which if you aren't following this blog and you're a writer--get over there now.

That was followed by, "I'm really enjoying the pages you sent me. Could you please send me the full ms?"


And even the semi-rejection was filled with wonderful news. "Bix could be one of my favorite male narrators of all time."

SO, how's my revision going? Not so well.

The day I received the good news I came down with Iritis. Imagine you have an eyelash or speck of dirt in your eye. Now times that by 50. It is that painful and debilitating. For three or four days I couldn't even go on a computer because the bright light--you don't even realize how bright a computer can be until this moment--was shooting lightening bolts of pain through my eye and forehead.

But, finally, over a week later, it is on the mend. The whites of my eyes are still blood shot but my eyeball doesn't appear to be sinking into them anymore and the pain is mostly gone.

So, now off to write the last quarter of my book. Yeah. The last quarter. And when I'm done and sent it back to the agent, maybe I'll have time for a little rest and relaxation. Maybe I'll even go to Cannon Beach (pictured above) and just take a walk on the shore. Maybe....


  1. Oh Margie, that eye problems sounds absolutely awful. Glad you're feeling better. Good luck with Bix!

  2. Glad your eye is better. Get that boy out the door!