Wednesday, February 22

...Of Many Hats

I'm a woman of many hats. The metaphorical sort, not the actual head-wear sort because I've found - in my case at least - hats are mostly a mistake. I was tempted to join in the craze during Will & Kate's royal wedding last year...but I kept myself under control because, fascinating fascinators or not, they were still hats...and my head is just not made for them.

But I digress.

I wear a lot of hats. I'm a freelance writer. A mom. And aspiring romance novelist. A wife. A radio station DJ. A friend. A fitness instructor. A daughter. The list goes on, and mostly I can keep it under control. I don't have to be a friend and a daughter and a wife and a writer and a DJ all at the same time. Sometimes I want to. . .but I know I can't be all those things at the same time. So I compartmentalize. I focus on the task at hand when its at hand.

One of my guilty pleasures is the reality show 'Dance Moms'. Don't get me started, I could go on for hours. But it amazes me the ability the kids have of taking the task at hand - a solo dance, a group dance, whatever - and run with it. They focus. They execute. They cry because it's what kids do. But they get it done.

I'm in awe of those kids because, even during my best compartmentalizing moments, I'm not always fully committed. I get distracted by a story idea or a demanding three year old or a call from back home or. . .well, fill in the blank. I'm getting better at the focus - its kind of mandatory! - but I still struggle with focusing 100% because there is always something else I'd rather be doing - I'd rather be writing fiction all the time, I'd like to be in a glossy women's or parenting magazine, I'd like to be volunteering at my kid's school. . .and those wants can sometimes keep me from doing my absolute best.

Do you wear many hats? And how do you keep your different selves all happy and healthy and . . . well, under control?


  1. Cute post. I often thought I'd actually wear certain hats while doing certain things. While writing,I'd wear a hat with a plume. when editing, I'd wear ball cap. When submitting to agents, I'd wear a hard hat. Uh, yeah...a bit much. I've settled on just wearing my fedora. :)

  2. Your fedora is fab, Karen! Alas, it would look . . . odd on my head! But I like your idea about the different writing-process hats.

  3. Oh, yes, many, many hats. Like Em-Musing's hard hat when submitting! That's great. Wonderful post, Kristina!

  4. I wear too many hats around my house because no one else will wear one--if you know what I mean. ((((Wink))))I have watch Dance Moms a few time and have come to the conclusion that the kids are more adult than the moms.

  5. Fun post! I wear many hats too, and even more so when I'm at work because I have to jump around to so many different positions. It's tiring, but I have to admit I wouldn't want it any other way...either personally or professionally. Keeps life interesting!

  6. Being a mom I wear many hats. LOL
    Although, I like hats on many people, I don't care for the way I look in one. But I do wear a straw hat when I'm gardening...
    Cute post,

  7. Puleeze don't get me started on how many hats I wear in one day! Sometimes the hats stack one atop the other. If I could have choice of only one hat to wear, it'd be my stick-on visor. What a great post!!

  8. Bet you think my hat is a cowboy hat, but I never wear one. Like all women, I wear a ton of hats. I don't think there's a woman alive who doesn't.

    Super post!

  9. I think we all wear too many hats, but what's a woman to do? One hat I will never wear, though, is a fascinator. What is up with those???

  10. Jenn, isn't that the *best* idea?!?

    Jerri - I sooo get what you're saying - about home and about the kiddos on DM!

    Christine, hats can definitely be tiring...but they do keep the boring away.

    Neecy, My gardening hat is a ball cap, which does little to actually protect my face/ears...but it's the only kind of hat that looks minimally decent on me.

    D'Ann, I really did think a cowboy hat would be your choice!

    Sherri, visors are VERY underrated..but they still look goofy on my goofball head.

    Sharon, yes. Fascinators are fascinatingly. . .weird.

  11. Great post. And yes, I do wear many different hats. Sometimes I forget to take off one to don a different one, lol. It can get very confusing.

  12. I don't wear nearly as many as I used to, and have to admit I miss some of the ones that don't fit anymore (Mom hat, anyone?), and my focus hasn't improved at all!

    Neat post, Kristi.

  13. Brenda, I'm regularly found wearing 2 or more metaphorical hats...

    Liz, I already know I'm going to miss the mom-hat. :(

  14. I think I'm wearing so many hats that sometimes have 2 or 3 on at the same time...

    Great post, Kristi!

  15. Oh this is where I get in trouble. Sometimes I find myself trying to do everything at once. The result? A very grumpy woman. I'm getting better though. I have to remind myself I'm not superwoman.