Monday, February 20

Six Degrees of Tom Selleck

Wikipedia says “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a trivia game based on the concept of the small world phenomenon and rests on the assumption that any individual involved in the Hollywood, California film industry can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps.”

I love Kevin Bacon. I think he’s one of the most unsung and greatest actors we have. I’ve never even seen the new Footloose because…well…why would I?

Tom Selleck is also one of my favorite actors. Well, he doesn’t even have to act—he can just stand there. Or lie there. You know. I like him even better as Jesse Stone, the sad-eyed, aging cop, than I did as Thomas Magnum of dancing eyes and short, tight shorts.

ONE MORE SUMMER, my latest book, is available on audio (a huge squee moment for me). It’s read by actress Rebecca Gibel, who did a wonderful, wonderful job, making the characters—and the story—so much her own I found myself wondering what was going to happen next when I was listening to it. Which is a little weird, because I of all people know what’s going to happen next. I was so enthralled I left a review of the production on Audible's website and Ms. Gibel in turn mentioned me on her blog on her website . Are you with me so far?

As I mentioned, Rebecca Gibel is an actress. She has numerous stage credits, plus, PLUS, she's appearing in Blue Bloods, a TV series on CBS on Friday nights. One of the brightest stars in the show's stellar cast is Tom Selleck.

Now, I don't think I'm particularly starstruck. I've seen a few famous people from afar, have been to concerts, even talked to Nora Roberts for a few minutes at RWA's national conference in Chicago a long time ago. (There was a whole group of us, we all talked to her, and she was terrific. Still is.) I don't consider myself a squealer or the groupie type, but...TOM SELLECK! Someone who has read every word of my book has worked on the same set as Tom Selleck!

Kevin Who?


  1. I have always been in love with Yul Brenner. All he'd have to do is talk to me. While wearing his pharaoh costume. I was heart broken when he died.

  2. Oh, yeah. What that man did for the bald head!

  3. Oh, Liz--so totally on the Tom Selleck bandwagon with you! Do you remember when he was the "older man" that Monica on "Friends" was involved with? He just gets hotter and hotter...

    Congrats on the Audible gig--that's so fantastic!

  4. I find your writing so enjoyable, Liz!

    That is really neat that you have a sound recording of your book. Would you mind sharing how that happened. Was it through Carina?

  5. Hi, Nan. I can't believe how he just gets better and better!

    Hi, Cathy. Yes, it's through Carina, and like the DTC on print, I'm not sure how the choice is made, but it was so much fun to listen to. Even my husband enjoyed it. And I still can't get over (sorry--I keep repeating this)that I FORGOT THEY WERE MY WORDS!

    Thanks for coming by.

  6. LOVED Tom Selleck as Magnum, and on Friends, and in 3 Men and a Baby:) Not so crazy about Blue Bloods thought...but that's awesome news for you!

  7. Hi, Kenzie. Thanks for coming by. I pretty much just love Tom. :-)

  8. OH, Liz!
    I love Tom Selleck, although I don't love Blue Bloods.

    My sister and I played Six Degrees in theory once. We wanted to get to the President.

    My sister is aquainted with Tom Cruise (really), who we think could call Oprah who could call the Big Guy.

    An audio book is too cool! Congrats!

  9. Hey Liz!

    So awesome about Tom Selleck! Woohoo! But what I love the most is that you forgot what happened next in the story. That speaks to just how deep the story drags you in and to the talents of the voice actress. Amazing!

  10. LOL, Liz. Tom is one of my faves, too. So cool about your audio book.

  11. Congrats on the audio book. Love six degrees of Tom Selleck.

  12. LOL! Too funny! He definitely has aged well and is better looking now than his Magnum days.