Friday, March 16

Writing and Other Wacky Jobs

Yes, I think writing is a wacky job. I think all the fun jobs are. Think about it. You get paid to make up stories (if you're lucky)and you can wear anything you want. You can go to work in your underwear and not get arrested. You can show up at your computer late and not get written up by your boss. You don't have a boss!

But there are other wacky jobs out there, and I'd love to have any of them.

1. Sexy Siren on the Treasure Island sidewalk show in Vegas. Three shows a night, sexy co-stars, and a sinking ship at the end. Unfortunately, I'm past my sexy siren years. Hubby doesn't think so, but I'm a realist. Besides, I can't hold a note.

2. Mortician. The dead has never freaked me out. I'm a nurse, I've dealt with dead bodies before, no biggie. Problem here? Sometimes I want to have a nice lively conversation.

3. Character on Glee. I love that show, and they always look like they're having a good time. Problem? I can't sing, or act.

4. Sidewalk entertainer in New Orleans. I saw a few when I was there for a conference, and boy, were they having a good time. They are sort of like writers. They make their own hours,get paid to entertain people,and they are their own boss. Downside? They don't have a set income. They have to hope people find them interesting enough to give them money. Second, it's hot outside! All that dancing and jumping around. And some of the costumes! They were great but they couldn't have been comfortable in all that heat. Of course some of them wore barely there costumes, and I'm not that brave. Darn, that's another reason I couldn't be a Treasure Island siren.

What about you? What are some wacky jobs you'd like to try? What's stopping you from trying them?


  1. thinking...thinking...thinking...I know. I'd like to be a dog walker in New York. I like Dogs. I love NY. And I love Central Park. However, I don't know that I'd love poop scooping. And NY is really far away.

    Fun post, Shawn ;)

  2. I pick #1&4 as my next jobs...althought I'm last my sexy siren years, too....

  3. Margie, I've never really liked dogs. One bit me when I was little. Kristi, ah, to be young and have my siren body back! I'd still have to fake the singing part though.

  4. I grew up guiding dudes (as in greenhorns, not guys), and everyone always thought it was so cool. I hated every minute of it. I bet half those people you named hate their jobs, too. I think you have the best job in the world, an author!

  5. Oh, I love this post--I always wanted to be a flight attendant. A travel writer. A food writer. A food buyer for rich people. One of those people who dresses up at Williamsburg. Someone who can really dance (I have two left feet and the body goes the wrong way, too.) Not wacky jobs, but they look fun to me.

  6. Oh this is so much fun!!! I would love to be a show girl in a Vegas Show. I would love to have a walk on part in a Boardway show. And I'd love to be paid to travel writer. And I'd love to dress in old period dresses and give talks. Vegas show to old and short, boardway show that I could do but no contacts and being a travel writer...hummm not sure. And finally dressing up period clothing...have to time.

  7. D'Ann, guiding dudes would pribably be a great job if it was actually guiding guys.

    Wow, Liz. You have quite a list there. My brother is a flight attendant and he says the travelers can be real a-holes. A food buyer for rich people sounds like fun!

    Mary,Hmm. Vegas showgirl. I'll add that to my list!

  8. Okay, I'd love to have Samantha Brown's job on the Travel Channel. Especially when she got to tour Europe. That'd be so awesome to stay in great hotels or even mediocre hotels, meet interesting people, eat the best food in the world and send the bill to someone else. LOL.
    I also wouldn't mind being confident enough to wear a two-piece swimming suit on television.

  9. I would be a cruise travel agent since I love cruising. I did try working as a travel agent once after taking a course. Didn't really want to put the time into learning the computer programs, though.

  10. Or you could be a cruise director, Nancy!