Thursday, June 28

Plotting Away My Day

I am plotting a new novel. A new, not-Bix novel. After spending the past two and half years in my made up world of Cypher, Indiana, it's kind of a scary new world out here. 

Out here is a town which was just obliterated from the map leaving only two survivors--arch enemies--who will be on the run from the people who want to kill them.

I love dystopian. Always have--staring back in the 70's with Damnation Alley and Logan's Run. Side note, just saw Ryan Gosling is signed to do the remake of Logan's Run--be still my heart.
Okay, back to the point of my blog. Geez. 

Not only do I love dystopian, I am intrigued by Armageddon. In my head--a scary place to be sure--I know I would survive. Because in my head, I am fearless and quite the scrappy fighter. I am also fit and skinny. 

If I had an actual bucket list, surviving Armageddon would be in the top ten. Which means I either anticipate living forever or for the world to fall apart. Or a little of both.

So, post-Bix, I am returning to my first love. The end of the world. Or the end of someone's world. I don't have to kill the entire planet, just a small pocket. 

And I'm leaving behind the security of sarcasm that served me so well in creating Bix.

 This time, the heroine is based more on my Aspie daughter-- and Aspies don't get sarcasm or underlying irony. 

One of my favorite Jordan stories about her lack of irony is this exchange:

Me: Sometimes you can talk to someone until you're blue in the face and they still won't agree with you.
Jord: Are they choking me?
Me: No. Why would they be choking you?

Jord: I don't know. Why am I blue in the face?

So, this book, for me--is a huge departure of tone. Having discovered my voice with Bix, can I morph it into two teen girls--one an Aspie genius and the other, a panicked cheerleader?

It's a brave new world out there, folks, and I'm diving in!


  1. You'll be wonderful! And I love your Jordan story. Can't wait to get into this, though I'll mix Bix--already do.

    1. It's one of my favorite Jordan stories--it just shows how she sees the world sometimes.

  2. Love that Jordan story!! And your brave, new world sounds like such fun - can't wait to get a taste. I can see the convos between Cheerleader and Aspie-Girl already!

    1. Hopefully, you'll get a sample soon. Still trying to get the tone just write :)

    2. PS--it looks like we both had Ryan Gosling on our minds this week ;)

  3. That's a long time to be on one breaking off a long-term relationship! You'll be great, though!

    1. It was like a long-term relationship. It's so hard to say good-bye, even if it's just temporary and necessary.

  4. I'm sure your story will be great, but I'm sure Bix will always be your first love.