Tuesday, June 12

Ten For Tuesday

So this morning, I'd like to read Ten fantastic sentences from anywhere in your WIP or pubbed work.  Just ten.  Set the tone.  Show me a character.  Anything.  Your choice.  But only ten sentences.  Have fun.

Mine is from Wild Horses...cover at right>

She sighed.  Why hadn't her parents named her Jane?  Because Ramon and Magdalena Castillo were too traditional for a name like Jane, that's why.  “Castaña.  Run Cas and Tanya together.  Fast.”  She demonstrated.  “Castaña.  And you are?”“


  1. Hey, this is cool.
    Here are ten from my current WIP: Prophecy's Child.

    Katherine's boss tugged the door open, but didn’t leave. Michelle turned and glared, her bushy eyebrows pulled low. “But instead of me lending you the cash, you should find that low-life bastard who fathered your son and haul his ass into court and sue him for past child support.”

    The face of her one and only lover filled her mind. The picture was so clear it was as if he stood in front of her: eyes the color of a summer sky, black hair, brushing wide shoulders. Straight nose, strong jaw, and a smile that had stripped away her common sense.

    Five glorious months they spent together—five months spent falling in love.

    Her hands knotted into fists as anger and hatred collided in her gut; the force of the raw emotions made her nauseous.

    If she ever saw Kal again she’d knock his teeth down his throat and kick him in the balls so hard he wouldn’t be able to seduce and lie to a woman again like he had to her ten years ago.

  2. My 10 comes from Her Dark Knight and is a scene with my heroine and the villain. Mwahahahaha....

    With a wicked smile, Lucien moved fast, backing
    her against the wall so suddenly her palms scraped against the rough stone. Her skirts brushed his breeches. The toes of his boots crushed her slippers.

    His fetid breath made her want to turn her head away. The remnants of his last meal were stuck in his front tooth.

    She’d been dodging his advances for so long she
    could hardly believe he’d finally caught her.

    Tears pushed against the back of her eyes but she blinked them away, instinctively knowing he would want to see her cry.

    He grabbed her chin in a bruising grip, causing her to gasp. Dark, feral eyes smiled at her. A smile promising retribution and satisfaction.

    1. Wow, wow, wow, WOW! This sample is insanely good! I saw the action happening--I smelled his breath...

    2. Ew. She should take a lesson from the heroine in the previous ten. Kick him where it counts!

    3. Great details. I was thoroughly disgusted by him :)

    4. Wow. Talk about sucking the reader into a story. . .

  3. From my current WIP Until the Dawn Random sample

    His hand came to rest lightly on her hip, the thumb rubbing the protruding pelvic bone through the silky fabric of her nightdress.
    ‘So when did they start again?’
    ‘When I lost….’ She halted, warned by the pain in her voice, appalled at what she’d almost given away.
    ‘When you lost…what Danny? What did you lose?’
    ‘My balance, I lost my balance on the stairs and fell. That’s when the nightmares started properly.’
    His fingers kneaded the material against her hip. ‘Liar.'

    1. Nice job! Wondering what she lost?

  4. Here's mine, it might make you blush....from Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aids:

    Men are like bad drama queens, they don’t know the difference between Ophelia and fallatio until you’re doing it. Yes, they are that stupid. They bullshit their way through everything hoping you’re so in love with them you won’t see their flaws. If you want someone, don’t lose him because you’re afraid.”
    As an afterthought, Kat added snickering, “I can always let you go out on a date with my long time, fiercely loyal, boyfriend, Bob. Oh, and now I have Ed and Bugs.”
    “Ed? Bugs?”
    “Yeah, Eb is my electric boyfriend and Bugs, well that’s self-explanatory.”
    “God help me.”
    “Are you sure you don’t want to try? It’s nice, stress relieving, and no emotions involved.”

    1. OMG! Loved it. First line made me laugh out loud and the rest lived up to the promise.

  5. I loved that part about Castana's name! I laughed when I read it.

    This is from The Sky Pirate's Wife.

    Sophie lifted the lid and looked down at the perfect replica of the phoenix pin he wore. The metal glittered in the light. Her breath caught in her throat. With shaking fingers she picked it up, letting the cool metal warm against her skin. “It's beautiful."

    She watched his face as he removed the back from the pin, slipped the post through the material of her lapel and reached behind it to put the back on again. The dark gray of his irises were tainted with sorrow and smoky with fear.

    He leaned back to admire his work. “It's very fetching. Everyone will know you're Mrs. van Buren immediately when they see it.”

  6. Hmm... ten sentences huh? How fun! This snippet comes from my paranormal romance wip, TASTE OF SIN. These two, Zera & Kieffer, are actually secondary characters, but their book is bubbling around in my brain, waiting to be written.

    Zera glanced up from the page. “How fascinating.”
    Something about those dark, endless peepers of hers looking at him all lit up from the inside like that, nailed him square in the gut and made his jeans even more uncomfortably tight. He was hungry for any female contact. Yeah, that’s it. It’d been … two days since he last got laid. He didn’t want her specifically.
    “Not so fascinating when you lived it.”
    Some of the shine went out of her eyes. “Oh, I suppose not.”

  7. This is from my Published Novella Fall In Love.

    This is when my leads officially meet for the first time.

    When I looked up from my book, I expected to see a waitress with my entrée but instead, I saw the gorgeous woman from earlier. “Hi?” I said, more as a question than a statement.

    “It looks like you’re eating alone. Would you mind if I joined you?”

    Stunned that she had asked to sit with me; it took a few seconds for my thoughts to catch up. All I managed to say was, “Of course.”

    “I’m Mia Mason,” she said as she took the seat opposite me and held her hand out to me.

    “Michael Dunbar,” I replied as I shook her hand.

    The moment we touched, I felt a strange, yet pleasurable sensation move up my arm and quickly spread throughout my body.

    “Nice to meet you.” A cheeky grin lit up her face—as if she knew a secret that nobody else did.

  8. Love it, D'Ann! This is so much fun - I love these comments!

    This is from Rhianna:

    "Rhianna, I must speak with you on a subject that has consumed me as of late."
    Philippe appeared to be in a state so ill at ease that she was certain she had never seen him thus in their ten years‘ acquaintance.
    "It is of the utmost importance," he added.
    Rhianna recalled her earlier conversation with Soleil, but dismissed it at once, unable to conceive he was, in fact, or would ever, head toward the delicate subject of love.
    "I can see that it is," she replied with care. "Philippe, I have not before seen you so distressed. Pray, do not leave me in wonder."
    "You must not, Rhianna, mistake my anxiousness for distress. My affliction is one of joyful anticipation. And you alone can relieve me of my restlessness, allay me from this malady."

  9. Mine is from The Bull Rider's Brother - released by Crimson Romance last week.
    Thanks for letting us post!

    “You riding tonight?”


    “First time?”

    “Yep. Gramps bought me a new hat. He says I‘m big enough.”

    “I rode at your age.” James laid his arms on the rails of the pen.

    “You did?” The boy cast a glance downward and away, kicking the dirt with his toe before he asked, “Were you scared?”

    1. Aww. I want to know what his reply is!

    2. Me too! But it's next on my Kindle, so I'll know soon enough!

    3. this was one of my favorite scenes, Lynn! :)

    4. Love when a man is good with a child.

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  11. Mine is from Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk. Thanks so much!!

    She’d made a fatal mistake with her heart, thinking she could control this. She should have listened to the danger signs—to all the warnings, and now it was too late. There was no holding back—any part of her; at least, not anything strong enough to hold back this tide of love—and desire. Even though the love part lay only on her side.

    She’d been a fool, and her heart was going to pay the price; but she couldn’t stop now.

    Hawk’s intense, green-gold eyes searched her face, and knew the exact instant she surrendered, and only by iron will did he wait to hear the words.

    Words avowing her complete surrender.

    She nodded.

    He shook his head. “Say it,” he softly commanded. “Tell me what you want.”
    Mandy’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips and heard Hawk groan. She swallowed, her eyes closing for a moment with her body’s reaction to that simple sound. The fires were rapidly burning out of control. “You.” She looked into his golden gaze.

    “I want you.”

    1. Oooh, I like the sound of this. Intriguing!

  12. My new book, Thunder in the Night, is a romantic suspense title from Crimson Romance. Here are a few sentences that lead to trouble for my protagonist, Allison.

    There was no clearly etched path here. The ground was covered with plants and fallen greenery, which ants would scavenge. Far from silent, the forest seemed still as I crept along.

    Feeling foolish, I glanced at my watch. Five minutes. If I didn't see someone or something in five minutes, I‟d head right back.

    I didn‟t have to wait that long.

  13. This is from near the end of my YA book, Son of a Hired Gun:

    Tell me again, Bix,” Caitlyn pleads, turning her face to mine. “Tell me everything you know.”

    “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” I don’t want to give her father another reason to take away her memories. What if I can’t get her back next time?

    “You have to.” Her lip puckers and her eyes fill. “Because right now, all the memories are jumbled and I don’t know what to believe.”

    And so I tell her everything. All over again. When I’m done, she only has one question. “Will you teach me how to resist him?”

  14. Another cool idea, D'Ann. My 10 (or so) is from my WIP, still titleless.

    Carol saw how he’d earned the D plus in Big Brotherhood—he wasn’t passing Nice Guy class, either. “I know they would wait,” she said, reaching into her purse and digging for her wallet, “but I’m expected at noon. They shouldn’t have to wait. The fact that they’re retired people doesn’t make their time any less valuable than mine.” She came up with a crumpled twenty. “Or yours.”

    “Put it away.” He frowned at her and snatched the check from her hand. He looked at it, obviously figuring how much to tip, then left the amount of the bill plus fifty percent. “They’re all college and high school kids here,” he said when she raised her eyebrows. “Always have been.”

    Oh. Well, maybe he was passing, but not with honors or anything.

  15. This is fantastic! Loving the excerpts.

    Here are my 10 sentences from my current release, Dark Deceit, a medieval romantic adventure:

    De Mortagne placed his forefinger under her chin and tilted her face up before he dropped his hand to his side again. When their eyes met, she saw encouragement. And something else she could not identify. Something deeper. Blushing, she smiled and opened her mouth to thank him again. His kiss came as a surprise, warm and soft. It lasted barely an instant and at first she thought she imagined it. Then a wave of guilt engulfed her.

    Alleyne took a step back and aimed at his cheek but he was quicker, catching her wrist just inches from her hand’s aim. Damn the reflexes of a trained knight!

    1. Love his name; love the last sentence!

  16. Great idea, D'Ann. So many books to read...so little time! Here are my 10 sentences from Love's Destiny.

    “Oh, Emily,” he breathed, folding her into his arms. Her hair smelled sweet; he felt her tears on his shirt. “You tempt me so.”
    Lifting her head she looked up at him. “I do not mean to, Jonathon.” Her hands rested on his chest, tears brimmed in her eyes, and she tried to force a smile.
    He could bear it no longer. Their eyes locked and he slowly bent his head. Tenderly, gently, his lips brushed hers. Suddenly, he pulled away.

    1. Elizabeth! Loved the emotion in this!

    2. Why did he pull away, hmmmm???

  17. So enjoyed all these. This is from Shattered Heart, the novella I'm working on now.

    Charlotte twisted her hands together. “What is this all about?”

    “Your husband contacted Homeland Security two years ago. He was convinced that the man he worked for was bringing illegal contraband into the country. The night before he had his accident, he called them to say he had evidence. Before he could meet with an official, he was killed.”

    “Are you serious? What are you saying here? That Shaun's accident was no accident at all? That my husband was murdered?”

    “We have no proof of that but... .”

  18. Fun! Here's mine, from my contemporary novel, One Hit Wonder,

    “Are we in the same room?” He’d muttered when Isabel left.
    “Does it offend your maidenhood?”
    “Your parents are right down the hall.”
    “We were in the same room at your dad’s.”
    “It’s just…I don’t know.”
    “Don’t worry, Dad knows you’re marrying me tomorrow.”
    At night, Audrey had tickled him under the covers while he shushed her nervously and pleaded for silence.
    “How about a last lay as a single guy?” She’d slid her hands under his undershirt. “You can pretend it’s your bachelor party and I can give you a lap dance.”

  19. Great reads above- just the ticket before I go off for dinner! Here are ten from my currently available Monogamy Twist.

    “You sure you don’t want to get married tomorrow?” Luke asked casually as she pulled on her camisole and slipped on the wispy, almost-not-there at all, lacy briefs.
    As soon as the words left his mouth she wondered what magic genie had put them there. It was obvious they were going to have sex with or without the document signed! Her answer reflected none of her thinking, or her easy capitulation though. She’d got him to make compromises, and she was sticking to what she’d achieved—but only regarding the actual ceremony—not any pre-wedding sex.
    “I’m sure.” Any smiles of earlier sexual satisfaction were wiped from her face as she repeated, buttoning her neat little jacket, “I’m sure Luke, we’ll get married in two weeks as planned.”
    No way was she backing down on their bargain. She wasn’t certain why she continued to answer in such a negative fashion, but she did know she would have the best of both worlds.The marriage would take place, but more importantly she was going to use Luke to scratch her sexual itch just as much as he was going to use her!

    1. Good one! Makes me want to see them fall in love.

  20. LOVE this idea, D'Ann. And I love reading everyone's ten. Grins!

    1. Well, since I kinda took it from FF, you should! Where are your ten???

  21. I like this D'Ann everybody sharing their ten. You get teasers and fun. Here are my ten from my WIP called Stolen Secrets.

    Her eyes traveled the room. Chloe's toy box upended, toys scattered, the crib ripped apart. The mattress looked like someone stabbed it until stuffing lay exposed sticking out like unruly hair. The contents of the dresser and closet piled in the floor.

    "Captain Raines, you have less than five minutes to...,"

    Amy opened her mouth once more to plead.

    Chloe broke free. From the way the man rubbed his hand, and knowing her daughter's latest habit, Amy guessed Chloe'd managed to bite the man's hand causing him to drop her.

    Amy raced forward, trying to grab Chloe.

  22. What a wonderful idea and great responses. Here are my ten from Lady Grace's Rendezvous.
    Something wasn’t right. Why would she have left and not told him? “Be ready to leave in half an hour.”
    He looked for the landlord and not finding him, entered the parlor, where breakfast had been set out and ate, wishing he was sharing the meal with her and conversing as they had the night before.
    Mr. Brown knocked on the door. “My lord, you was wishful of seeing me?”
    Finally, he’d get some answers. “Yes, I wish to know the lady’s name.”
    The innkeeper opened his eyes wide. “What lady, my lord?”

  23. from my first book - A Kept Woman

    “Gawd, women are such a pain.” Derek snapped his cell phone shut and threw it onto his night table. He untied his blue-striped silk tie and tossed it onto the bed. In moments, his Italian-cut three-piece suit lay equally flung aside. Pulling open the bottom dresser drawer, he removed a fraying, college sweatshirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. After lacing up his well-worn sneakers and ruffling his groomed hair, he stared at his reflection in his full length mirror. The transformation from chairman of the board to construction worker took less than five minutes.

    Grabbing his wallet he removed his driver’s license, one charge card and thirty-five dollars and placed them into an old wallet, which he stuffed it into his back hip pocket, grabbed his cell phone and exited his bedroom.

    Donning his jacket with the New York Rangers team’s logo, he checked the pocket for his car keys, then rode his private elevator down to the basement parking garage. He walked past his three expensive imports, unlocked the rusted, dark blue Camaro and drove out of the upper rich side.

  24. Love these, thanks for the opp, D'Ann! Here's my 10 from What a Texas Girl Wants - it's a pivotal moment for Jackson:

    "What can we do to make this work?"
    She started, as if surprised to see him still there and then laughed. It was not a humorous sound. "Stay married. Kidding," she said, waving a hand when the color drained out of Jackson's face. "I don't expect you to stick with me. I dug this hole and I'll find a way out of it."
    What was left of Jackson's better judgment flew out the window at the defeat in Kathleen's voice.

  25. Thanks for the opportunity, D'Ann. This is from Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack and the hero Jeff has grabbed the heroine Julianna. She fought back. :D

    “No.” He sounded strangled, and she had to hide a smile. “Can’t breathe.”
    “Damn, woman!”
    “Damn, yourself! Why did you try to grab me?”
    “I didn’t want you to leave yet,” he whispered as he slowly straightened up. His face looked a little gray, but it might have been the dim light. “I wanted to say a more private good-bye, but I think I’m only going to say good-bye to my balls."

  26. These are some great sentences, everyone!!

    Here's mine from A HUNTER'S ANGEL releasing next month....

    After she was gone, Brad whistled softly between his teeth and said, “Wow, I forgot she’s such a hell-cat. And a knockout. I’ll like working with her again. You and the chief aren’t still setting the sheets on fire, are ya?”

    Ian swallowed the venom pooling in his mouth. Without looking directly at his partner, he spoke through closed lips to prevent showing his lengthened fangs. “We aren’t here to fraternize with the locals.”

    Brad shrugged and laughed. “I guess that’s my answer. You had to be nuts to let her go, partner.”

  27. These are great, D'Ann. Thanks for sharing.

    1. They are FANTASTIC! Where are yours???

  28. Here are ten sentences from my latest release, Dangerous Proposal:

    “Say my name, Lena,” he commanded softly. “I love the way it sounds when you say it.

    Lena bit her lip. Once she did this, there was no going back. It would break the unspoken barrier between them. But how could she deny him anything when he was looking at her the way he was?

    She suddenly became aware of Alec’s arousal pressing against her back. Her pulse quickened. He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, tightening his hold on her.

    She took a deep breath. “The lake is beautiful, Alec.”

    1. I LOVE the second line. Love it.

  29. Loved everyone's ten! Great idea, D'Ann!

    I'll bite. Don't laugh though. :)

    “I beg of you to let me pass, sir.” The weakness in her voice surprised her. She cleared her throat and continued in a much firmer tone. “Attack the castle at your own free will once I have passed. I assure you, I will sound no alarm.”

    The giant released a snort, which caused her to flinch. Without a doubt, the reaction she sought was not humor. One dark eyebrow twitched upward.

    “Nay, my lass. You’ll be coming with us.”

    1. No laughing. You need more confidence, girl. Loved it.

  30. There is a lot that doesn’t move in Gum Neck, Georgia on a hot day. Dogs sleep on porches or in doorways. Birds don’t light down on the pavement for fear of scorched feet. Nary is an automobile seen during the hot, humid weather. Most folks, especially us black folk along the riverway, don’t have fans ’ceptin’ the hand-held kind.
    The only thing moving was the bees and mud daubers around the rhododendrons as Uncle T. and Momma J. sat on the front porch swing fanning themselves with fans from Ebenezer Baptist Church.
    Uncle T., short for Thomas Booker Pettigrew, drew a white handkerchief across his perspiring black brow. He reached his lean arm over to his plump wife’s thigh, patted it gently and said, “I sho’ could use me a cool lemonade.”
    Jechonias eased her hefty frame from the porch swing and went in the little three room cabin. It was more stifling than sitting on the porch.

  31. This is fun. I wish I could have visited sooner,but the day job got me here late. There's some great excerpt here. I took my ten from Life After.

    She stood between Ryan and his bride, unable to look away from the face behind the veil. That beautiful, smiling face. Skin the color of café-au-lait, jet black hair sleeked back to a tumble of curls down to the nape of her long, slender neck, hazel eyes shining bright.
    Kalyste recognized the look in Chantal’s eyes. She was a woman in love. The woman replacing her. Kalyste placed a hand to Ryan’s face, but could feel nothing. “Please don’t do this, Ryan.”
    The preacher pronounced them husband and wife. Pain ripped her apart when Ryan's hands and body passed through her to lift the veil and plant a long lingering kiss on the woman she hated. The woman who had deprived her of her life.

    1. Lovet this scene, Shawn! Very pwerful!

  32. Such a great idea for a post! And you got some awesome posts here.

    Mine is from Only Scandal Will Do, which releases this summer.

    That voice sent shivers down her spine. She remembered well the arrogance in it when he’d declared himself her master. Soft and silky now, his mouth poised over her hand, and the words sent searing heat that penetrated her long kidskin gloves. Only sheer determination kept her from snatching it out of his grasp, and fear at what might be said if she acted in any way as though she had met this man before. No one must know.
    She made herself look at his face, into the dark brown eyes that gleamed with…apprehension...or amusement? Katarina twitched her mouth into what hopefully passed for a smile and said, “I am delighted to make your acquaintance as well, Lord Dalbury. Although I must confess that until just now I had not heard your name.” Although pleased to hear how strong her voice sounded, she feared she might choke on the lies she spouted. Kat slipped her hand from his and a measure of calm returned.

  33. Great fun! Mine is from Blind Lust .. released this Friday. Woot...three more sleeps!

    “I shall send an arrow to the one she admires and she will have to fight twice as hard.”
    Slowly, silently the full moon walked the night sky. Lizzy sat cross-legged in a circle of red candles on the damp grass in her back garden. Tall trumpet lilies bowed their heads elegantly to the moonlight, silver licorice plants formed long draping sweeps illuminated by the soft light. The vanilla scent of white heliotrope mingled with the sweet smoke drifting across her hands, which rested lightly in her lap. Voices whispered in the silver birch trees and she chanted softly under her breath, repeating the incantation twenty one times.
    “Unwanted love leave me be, cease your ardor, my warm regards have no path.”
    At the end of each seventh incantation, Lizzy lit another candle and closed her eyes to begin the next round. When she finished and the candles died, she stood, stretching, her body and soul renewed, clear of any carnal desires. She frowned. It had been a most peculiar day. Her body yearned for Josh, and now for the first time in thirty years, Wesley’s naked chest stayed in her mind.

    1. ...walked the night sky.... Sigh. Beautiful

  34. Hey, D'Ann! Thanks for hosting this awesome party! Here are some sentences from my recent release, OF ETERNAL LIFE. This is right after Eli's tormenter announces that the 140th experiment will begin in just four hours:

    "His heart rate sped up to match his ragged breathing. Number 100: dismemberment. He couldn’t stifle the moan that memory dredged up, hearing in his mind the buzz of the bone saw, feeling the heat of whirring metal on flesh. His Tormentor had informed him that they had wanted to make the one hundredth “special.”

    He was panting like an animal now. Four hours. In four hours, they were going to kill him.

    For the one hundred fortieth time."


    1. I remember this scene so well...the tension leaps off the page!

  35. This is fun, D'Ann. Loved reading the other posts.

    The following is from BEGINNING AGAIN, just released by Crimson Romance. Liz and Collins are talking after their first night together.

    “What, you’re going to catalogue my fantasies and then check them off like a perverted Christmas list?”

    “Hmmm. I’m Santa and you’re the naughty-or-nice little girl. That could be fun. Although I’m a little uneasy about the perverted part. You’re not talking about involving animals or innocent teenagers, are you?”

    “If I do this, and that’s a big if, you’ll be the youngest and the only other person involved. And animals? Dear God, I can barely handle my own species. I sure as hell have no desire to add another.”

    "Beginning Again" is available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Again-ebook/dp/B008195BQK/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1336776092&sr=1-3

  36. Sorry I'm late, D'Ann! So behind this week! Loved your ten and this is sooo fun! Here's mine from a WIP military anthology:

    Jace pulled a bandana out of his pack and wrapped it around his head. Sun beat down on him as he followed the river to the first checkpoint. He had long since passed many of the other participants, the route an old logging road according to the map. His boot scuffed on one of the rocks embedded in the ground. They weren’t loose, providing no danger, but made more strenuous hiking. Suited him fine. A good workout was just what the doctor—and Grams—ordered.
    Ahead of him the town mayor bent to pick up a tree limb and move it out of the way. He got a nice view of her ass in tight hiking pants which resembled cargo pants, but were made of lightweight, noise-resistant fabric. So, okay, signing up for the hike hadn’t only been about making his grandmother happy or getting his leg back in shape.
    He watched her toss the branch aside, hitch her pack farther on her shoulders, and take off at a fast walk.