Wednesday, July 11

Go ahead, write crap

This week on our critique list, we were talking about how we’ve had problem with our new WIPs. 

I don’t know why the other girls were struggling but for me, it comes down to a couple of issues.

Number 1:  I worked on my book, SON OF A HIRED GUN, for almost three years—if you consider idea conception to finished fourth draft. And even though I have an idea for the second book in what I hope to one day be a multi-book series, I wanted to work on something new until I know that I have representation for Bix.

Number 2:  Bix’s voice is the closest voice to me that I’ve ever written. And now I have to create two new distinct voices as I have two very different characters sharing the viewpoint.

Number 3: HIRED GUN is now on an R&R submission and I’m kind of on pins and needles. Monday will be four weeks. AGH!

So what happened? 

I kept rewriting the first chapter—trying to get the voice and the beginning just right. I started in one place and then backed up to another and then fast-forwarded to the next. And then the pressure kind of made me freeze up so I didn’t go writing for a couple of weeks.

SO,  last weekend I wrote myself a note:

You have permission to write a crappy chapter that may end up in the trash.

I put the note in my purse and looked at it throughout the next couple of days--on breaks at work,at red lights, just sitting in the living room. 


I completed the first chapter yesterday. It’s not even close to perfect or submittable but it’s a beginning. And a beginning that I can work with. So much so that I’ve started the second chapter.

So, go ahead—give yourself permission to be bad. And see what happens.


  1. So glad you got a new story going! I LOVE the note idea, one I plan to steal!

  2. Me too, D! It felt weird not writing--like I was playing hooky ;)

  3. Great article! We all write crap at one time or another. Whenever I look back at my first novel I see how far I've come. Isn't it nice to have permission to just "write"? Good for you on getting a start.

    1. Thanks Nanette! I haven't gone back and looked at my old writings in a while. Too scared :)

  4. Excellent post, and I can't wait to see that chapter!

  5. Good for you, Margie! Stealing your idea !