Thursday, July 5

My Favorite Choice

You’d think since it was my idea to feature favorites this week that I would’ve actually had a plan. Yep, you’d think that. Doesn’t make it so. I spent yesterday and this morning trying to come up with an original favorite.

So, as the Today show waned into the 9:30 hour and I’d seen everything I wanted to see, I started surfing and came upon this little gem,.Romancing the Stone

This has got to be my favorite writerly movie--not to mention one of my all-time favorite movies on it's own.

 I so wanted to be Joan Wilder when I first saw this in 1984. I wanted the apartment in New York—even though I’d just married my husband. I wanted the framed covers of my books adorning my walls and the agent who met me for drinks--even thought I don't drink. And let’s be honest, I kind of wanted Michael Douglas too—especially when he whisks her away on the boat. That was the life I dreamed of.

Twenty-eight years later and I’m still dreaming about that life. Or at least a variation of that life.

But don’t we all? One of the feature questions of authors on blog interviews is the Oprah question.  “If you were on Oprah, what would you be talking about?” Even though Oprah no longer has a show. But, we all still want to be featured on her show because we know it means BESTSELLER!!

In my head, I’m on the Today Show and being interviewed by Matt Lauer--because let's face it, Matt is hotter than Oprah. And he's still on the air--which makes my fantasy borderline possible. And just for the record, I am witty and spontaneous with Matt and not stumbling over the furniture. I love the me that exists only in my head.

I have other favorite writerly movies: 

Irreconcilable Differences with Ryan O’Neal and Shelly Long. I love the New Year’s Eve moment when Shelly sees her reflection in the grocery store window and barely recognizes the woman she’s become. Then she goes home and writes the novel of her life.

Midnight In Paris with Owen Wilson is a new enjoyment. It's set in Paris. And takes place mostly at night under the Parisian lights. And did I mention it's in Paris?

Plus, he goes back in time.And he's a writer. Paris, time-travel, and writing--what's not to love?

So, what’s your favorite?


  1. I love Under the Tuscan Sun. It's about a writer that moves to Tuscany after her husband leaves her for another woman. She Devil is another favorite. About a romance writer that steals another woman's husband. It's hilarious. BTW Oprah still has a talk show. It's on her network.

    1. I love Under the Tuscan Sun, however it may be more about living in Tuscany than the writing angle :) I love the house, the hot guy, and the food.

      I did not know Oprah had a regular show--I thought she just did some random specials. And I did read that she was going to start up her book club thing again, but haven't really seen anything new about that for a while.

  2. Romancing the Stone, of course! I love that movie, even though it's ridiculous. When they're in the jungle, and come upon the plane is the best part, for me.

    1. My dad's favorite part was when they slide down the hill and Michael Douglas lands face first between her legs. Oh my gosh, he laughed so hard at that--every time he saw it.

      For me it's hard to pick a favorite part because there is such good chemistry between them and because Michael's quippy dialogue is so awesome. The entire Mondo Dismo exchange = priceless.

  3. Oh my gosh...I can't even think. I did like that one a few years ago with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore where she was a songwriter. I loved this post, though!

  4. Music and Lyrics, Liz. Love that movie. Although I love anything with Hugh Grant and usually Drew Barrymore, too.

  5. Oh, Joan and awesome! I've been in love with their story since I hid behind a chair to watch while my brother was on a date, watching the movie on VHS with this girlfriend. ;)

    Music and Lyrics is a recent fave...and I haven't seen Midnight in Paris - I'm thinking it's a Netflixer, for sure!

  6. Loved this post. All my favorites, other than Matt Lauer I don't watch TV. But I'm going to watch Irreconcilable Differences again. And Midnight in Paris has become my absolute all-time favorite movie. Love his line about the negative ions in the shower helping him come up with ideas.

  7. My husband and I loved Romancing the Stone. We also like Mama Mia and A Good Year, as well as The Letter.