Friday, July 13

Show Me The Funny

Shaun is taking a brief hiatus this summer so we’re going to try out a new Friday feature.

Show me Friday

This week we’d love to see the funny. In ten sentences or less, make us laugh.  Let’s end the week with a smile. 

Here’s mine from early in SON OF A HIRED GUN:
 “Hey, who’s that hot number?” Tack approaches the bike rack, his eyes glued to Mom’s backside.

“That’s Ms. Darwin, the new aerobics/yoga teacher.”  Ryan fills him in. “And Bixby’s mother.”

“She’s a total MILF.”

I punch Tack’s arm. “Dude, she’s my mother.”

“MILF? What’s a MILF?’ Ryan looks from Tack to me and back to Tack. 

Is this guy for real? How can he not know what a MILF is?

“Mother I’d like to…” Tack glances at me. “French.”
Yeah. That didn’t make it any less painful.
And if that didn't make you smile or laugh, I have another treat.
 Tell me you didn't smile with him :)
Now, it’s your turn.
Bring the funny.


  1. Funny's so subjective, and I seem to have trouble judging my own. Here's a piece from the WIP.

    She’d been walking up and down Go-to-Hell Hill for more than two weeks now. Her vacation was still six weeks away. Unless she was in training for some weird uphill-walking marathon, getting a car should be at the top of her list of priorities. Not that her priorities were his business, but holy shit, scaling that hill would wear the balls off a mountain goat.
    And probably off him, too, he decided about halfway up the hill.

    1. Yep. Funny. And it's hard to find funny in only ten lines. Especially because a lot of humor is dependent on characterization as well, so context can be integral to setting up the humor.

  2. *sigh* George... *sigh*

    And I LOVE that snippet from Bix! Here's mine from What a Texas Girl Wants:

    The earth was moving. And not in a good way.
    Kathleen Witte reached out, trying to grab on to something. Anything. But her hands met only with air.
    She shifted, and her shoulder dug into damp sand. Where was she? Her eyes flew open, and she winced at the bright sunlight.
    The beach? What happened to the villa? And her. . .Sweet Mary, Mother of God, what happened to her clothes?

    1. Right? Love myself some George ;)

      My first thought with the first two lines was snakes. LOL. Thought you went Indiana Jones on me.