Friday, July 27

This is me. Who are you?

I'm me. Being me is what I'm good at.

You want me to be engaging? Sorry. I'm an introvert.

You want to hear about drama? I've got plenty, but I've learned too much sharing is usually a bad thing. Especially when some of the people around me would rather hear about my drama, not my success. That's how I've made some enemies. Can't be too happy, it makes some people angry. So I make a point to share ALL of my successes with them. Hey, if they don't like me anyway, I'll give them a good reason to hate on me. Besides, if I'm the biggest fish you have to fry, your world is an awfully small frying pan.

I love poetry, opera, or any music that moves me, reading, writing, and most of all, I love to laugh. Why do some people try as hard as they can to wipe the smile from my face?

I celebrate the victory of those who try to do more, be more, and make a positive difference. My heart aches for those who become the victims of senseless acts of vileness, only to have my soul soar again when they overcome their circumstances. I grieve for those I don't know who have felt the pain of loss or betrayal. We've never met. But I feel you.

Sometimes, when I've been put down or let down, I silently seethe because I know that in anger, I can be my own worst enemy. After a few minutes, I let it go. My hurt is a distant memory. I realize how lucky I am. I have real friends and a family who love me. And I love them right back. There are people far worse off than I.

You wanted more? You expected more? Sorry. This is me. Who are you?