Tuesday, July 10

Two for a Lady

Last time we showcased our hero in two sentences.  Can you do it for your heroine?  I'd love to see you show your heroine in two sentences.  Her determination.  Her humor.  Her loyalty.  Anything.  Mine is from Wild Horses.

Wouldn't Martin be horrified to know she was the one he depended on now?  But no matter how much he'd rejected her in the past, she couldn't just leave her brother to die. 

Your turn... 


  1. Nice, D'Ann. This is from my WIP Lady Caro's Accidental Marriage. The back story is that five years ago Caro was raped and had never allowed a man to touch her, then she had to marry Huntley.

    Many women did it with husbands they didn’t even like very much. And Huntley was being very nice to her.
    Caro straightened her shoulders. She could do this,
    Giving him an heir was the right thing to do.

  2. Great lines, D'Ann!

    This is from my WIP The Turncoat's Temptress. Nora can see anyone's past, present, or future, but avoided doing it for years because she was afraid of being a freak. Here are my lines:

    "I have the talent too, you know. What's the good of having a gift if I don't use it?"

  3. D'Ann, I LOVED Castana!

    Here's two sentences for Abilene, heroine of OF ETERNAL LIFE:

    The supply closet was the coolest place in the hospital, and with this little trick, she could almost fool herself into thinking she was not in the God-forsaken Mojave Desert.

    “Southern California, you lying bitch,” she murmured as she took a vehement bite from her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  4. From "Games of the Heart" and plus-size protagonist Pastor Jane Angieski:

    See I am usually the one who solves problems, being that I’m a minister and all but sure I might not look like one, i.e., rounded on all the right edges and a propensity to wearing clothes showing a smidge of cleavage and it’s true if you’ve heard that I have Victoria’s Secret’s site as my homepage.

    Like it or not, that’s me, Pastor Jane Angieski and I’m fully licensed, fully educated and fully confused most of the time.

  5. LOVE that, D'Ann! Here's mine, from What a Texas Girl Wants:

    She didn‘t need a knight in shining armor, darn it. And his appearing from out of nowhere was not part of the plan to get her out of this mess.

  6. Awesome snippets! Loved yours, D'Ann! Here's mine from Hard Core, coming out in October. This is my heroine, Alana, speaking to the hero, Slade:

    "Look, mister, you aren’t going anywhere until I clear you. What you do after that is your business. Until then, you belong to me.”

    Thanks, D~! That was fun!

  7. Wow, these are all excellent.

  8. This post is from Deborah O'Neill Cordes and Cary Morgan Frates, writing as Morgan O'Neill. Here's our snippet, from LOVE, ETERNALLY. Our heroine, Gigi Perrin, has time traveled back to ancient Rome, where she's been enslaved.

    "Bone weary, Gigi turned the spigot, filled two buckets of water, and lugged both to the far end of the vegetable patch. What she wouldn’t give for a fifty-foot hose, a cold beer, and a viable plan to get out of this place."

    Thanks, Deb and Cary

  9. Here's mine from Devil's Brand. -- Marci Lowe

    A steady job would go a long way to putting me back on my feet and out of my parents influence. Fear of homelessness will make you do a lot of things you hadn't thought possible, but asking them for help wasn't one of them.

  10. Fun post! Here's mine from Life After. Kalyste has just been told that Jude will be tapping into her emtions when he feels the need arises.

    “Oh no you don’t, buddy.” Kalyste stood and looked up at him, her hands on her hips. “Not only is it intrusive, but it’s about the same as committing emotional rape. You’re not tapping anything, got it?”

  11. Ha, awesome lines, ladies. And an excellent idea, D'Ann.

  12. I loved reading through these. Gread idea for a post.

  13. Chief of Police Grace Wallace from A HUNTER'S ANGEL (releasing July 20):

    Her circle complete, Grace stopped in front of
    the audience with her head held high and her arms
    at her sides. This was the self-assured woman who’d
    intrigued Ian from the moment he’d met her.

  14. Okay here's my two. My heroine arrives home her house is total destruction. She has turned her toddler loose and then spotted the wreckage.

    Moving into the room she saw the pictures on the floor, her hands flew to her mouth. A soft moaning cry escaped, "No...Nooo."

  15. Here's my two, late... The heroine is a beautician and he's thinking about here.

    The shop felt like Carol Whitney. It had a lot of things in it, but wasn’t cramped.