Monday, July 30

Who am I?

My thanks to author Penny Rader for sharing the concept for today’s post. Visit Penny at

I'm Liz Flaherty and this is who I am. I hope you’ll share your answers—as few or as many as you like—with us.

I AM wife to one, mother to three and their spouses, and Nana to the Magnificent Seven. I am a Christian. A writer.
I LOVE reading, sewing, laughing, babies, walking, food.
I HATE bullies and mean people. (This was Penny’s answer; I saw no way to improve on it.)
I FAIL miserably at many, many things. The joy is in the trying
I RESIST dusting, writing synopses, and having the TV on.
I DREAM OF my house cleaning itself.
I BUY books, fabric, shoes, clothes, presents.
I COLLECT Christmas ornaments.
I DRINK Diet Cherry Coke, water, and tea.
I CRAVE peace, a waistline, author contracts that are author-friendly.
I HAVE blessings. Many of them.
I NEVER learned how to deal with conflict—I’ll walk a mile to avoid it.
I’VE LEARNED to enjoy every minute—there are no do-overs.
I TRY to always be happy.
I MISS my mom, my friend Dottie.
I LIKE alone time, family time, traveling.
I FEAR water and closed spaces.
I CANNOT RESIST babies and spring and fall days.
I EAT nearly anything that doesn’t get out of my way.
I REGRET that I wasn’t a better daughter.
I CHERISH my family.
I DEPLORE intolerance.


  1. What a great idea for a blog!!! Nice to get to know you better, Liz!

  2. That IS a great blog post idea. I too, crave a waistline. :)

    1. I just visited YOUR blog, Patty It was so funny! And, hey, good luck with the waistline.

  3. What fun, Liz! Loved it! And I just may steal the idea from you at some point.... ;)

    1. PS: I'm with you on the resistance - can't resist babies, spring/fall days either.

    2. LOL. Go ahead. I think Penny told me she "borrowed" it in the first place!

    3. That I did. From the RWA chapter Couer de Louisinae’s Tete-a-Tete newsletter. I think Dixie Gaspard put it together. I found clippings I'd saved from 1993-1994 newsletters and thought it'd be a great tool...both for us to get to know each other on our Bits & Bytes blog (, but also for creating characters. So glad you had fun with it, too.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us. It's a great way to get to know someone better.

  5. Hi, Liz!
    Love this! Wish I had time to play, but my day is running short.

  6. I WISH...I had time to fill them all out. But I don't. Still, a great blog idea! :)

    1. I didn't even MEAN to when I read it, but then it Thanks for coming by!

  7. Liz, ditto on bullies! I also can't stand rude behavior and people who have no respect for the elderly. As for food, I never met a shellfish I didn't like :)

  8. I love shellfish, too, but they're work sometimes and I'm nothing if not lazy!

  9. Great blog! I am first and foremost, a child of God. I try not to be an embarrassment to His kingdom, but I know when I mess up (by usually putting my foot in my mouth), He sees me as pure white and forgiven.

  10. Great post, Liz. It's like a snapshot of whats in your head :)
    And to see the things we have in common. I also will walk a mile to avoid confrontation--which isn't always a great idea since I'm in management and sometimes I have to get over myself for the better of my store and employees. But, boy do I fret about it. Fortunately those times have been few and far between.

  11. I'm tickled you took the idea I borrowed and ran with it, Liz. I loved learning about you. I'm especially fond of the Magnificent Seven -- I have seven grandkiddoes here on earth and two in heaven.

    I had to laugh 'cause I resist having the TV off -- the house is too quiet otherwise, plus I'm a TVholic. (Watching the Olympics' gymnastics as I type!) I'm totally you with re: conflict. I do just about anything to avoid it. Maybe that's why I have to work extra hard creating it for my characters.