Thursday, August 2


I almost did it again. Forgot to blog, that is. Whenever my days off get rearranged I lose total track of time. Anyone else do that? 

Today I'm starting vacation.I always do this time of year because it's the Willamette Writer's Conference this weekend and I'm going all three and half days. Tonight they have early registration--where you can avoid the hubbub lines tomorrow and pick up your packets today. So I'll know by the time I close my eyes who I'm pitching and when. 

Also tonight, they have pitch with the pros. Where you can sign up and speak your pitch in front of a panel of agents, editors, etc. I've never done one before but I like to hear the others and listen to the critiques. I have a pretty good pitch this year, so I'm considering making the leap. We'll see...

Then the fun really kicks in on Friday. This year I'm a room monitor in the Screenwriting section. I've never sat in on any of those workshops before so I'm kind of looking forward to hearing something different and possibly learning something.

TIP: For those who can't afford a conference, check to see if the conference that you're interested in attending has a volunteer program. By volunteering, I paid about $150 for three days of workshops, breakfasts, lunches, and three consults. I volunteer for either a morning or afternoon shift, and have the rest of the day to go to the workshops I want to see. Had I not volunteered this weekend would have cost me close to $500 and I wouldn't be going. I might have been able to go to one day, but even that would have cost me more than I paid for the three days at the volunteer rate. 

And this year, I remembered to request an afternoon shift so that I can sit on the agent panel they have Friday morning. And to get morning shifts on Saturday and Sunday so that I can go to Eric Witchey's afternoon workshops. At the WWC, the best workshops seem to take place on Saturday afternoon. Probably because that's when everyone's in attendance.

Anyone got any tips they want to share with us?

So, off to polish up my synopsis and pitch. Have a great weekend. I plan to.


  1. PS: The artwork is my daughter Jordan's. I know it doesn't particularly match the post, but I know I won't get sued for using it ;)

  2. It sounds like so much fun! I love Jordan's artwork, too. No tips--I never go to conferences, though I always want to. (Too cheap and too worried about going alone.)

    Have a great time.

  3. tell Jordan good job, love that pic!

    My advice is to take a sweater (even in summer convention hotels turn COLD)...and relax. It's hard, but everyone is there for the same reason and they're all nervous, too. So relax and try to have a good time.

  4. Oh, yeah, the sweater's a good idea!

  5. An extra pen and paper or your electronic device that records.

    I have a couple mints for any coughers and tissues.

  6. I've gone to one. It was fun, but I didn't know anyone and everyone else seemed to know each other. Thank God hubby was there.

  7. Have fun! Got no tips, but go get that agent you want!!!

  8. Good luck! You sound ready to make the most of it. :)

  9. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Sorry I couldn't comment individually but I do appreciate the well wishes and your