Friday, November 9

Love Is In The Air

I'm in Washington DC tonight for my in law's 50th wedding anniversary. This year they decided to have the wedding that they planned but never had. You see, my father-in-law was in the air force. The week of the date he was to marry my mother-in-law, the Cuban missile crisis reared it's head. He was called back to his military base, so he and mother-in-law canceled the wedding and eloped.

Great and wonderful things happen during times like this. While I was cleaning the dining room, my sister-in-law was cleaning the kitchen. She didn't know I was listening, but I heard her singing Billy Preston and Syreeta's  I'm Born Again. She has a beautiful voice. Her husband isn't far away. She doesn't know he's there, but he's listening too. As for me, every time I see the love of my life tonight, I can't keep from making eyes at him.

Love is in the air. How could it not be? There's a couple in this house tonight who, after fifty years of marriage, is still in love. Actually, if you let them tell it, they're more in love now than they day they did it the first time.


  1. Great post, Shawn. I can feel those vibes all the way here in Indiana!

  2. What a great weekend! :D I love it when marriage succeeds on a grand scale!

  3. Great post. So sweet.