Saturday, January 26

Goals: A day late and a dollar short

This week on Word Wranglers we're talking about goals. My biggest goal this year is to be more organized. Not off to a good start folks. I'm a day late posting. Would you believe I forgot to write and set my blog to post. Yeah, that's me. Miss forgetful. I was in bed Thursday night and realized I hadn't set up my blog for Friday. Then as things often go, life got in the way on Friday.

So, I decided, I'd start doing things way ahead of schedule. The things that can be scheduled anyway. So organization is goal number one.

Goal number two: Eat healthier. I eat whatever takes the least amount of time to prepare. That usually means something that's not good for me. That's going to change. I stocked up on healthy on the go meals and snacks. Fresh fruit, veggies that can be eaten raw, and fish. Fish never takes a lot of time to prepare or cook, and it's my meat of choice.

Goal three: QUIT SMOKING. Yes in all caps. I've quit several times in my life. I've even quit for two years before. And went right back to it the minute I really, really stressed. I think I can take my anger out on some villain in one of my stories. Might be fun.

Goal four: Pub two books this year. I did it last year, I should be able to do it again. Actually, I'd like at least one of those books to go to a different pub. Love Red Sage and would like to keep writing for them, but I want to spread my wings a little. But I have to finish the books before they go anywhere.

Here's to hoping. And here's to getting a better grip on my goals.


  1. Love your goals, and you'll get them done--I'm sure of it! Great post, Shawn.

  2. Wonderful goals. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.