Tuesday, February 19

Just Feed!

This is me. I know, bleh. Not my best shot. I'm not that photogenic to begin with, but here I'm really looking grand.

So why show off this dandy pic, you ask.

Because this is what I do every single day. Get up, put on three or four layers, and go outside to feed the horde, er herd. Eleven horses, six dogs, nine ducks and one outdoor cat. Plus the flock of wild birds that hovers for a bite of dropped grain.

Today I don't feel like it. I have a toothache that's pressing into an ear ache. I really feel pretty bad. I'd like to go back to bed, pull the covers up over my head and sleep most of the day.

When you have animals, that isn't an option. They don't understand toothaches or not feeling good. They understand their bellys are empty and they need food and water. I'm the caretaker. I'm the one they depend on.

So, I get myself up and around and go out. Toothache and ear ache be damned.

Writing today is kind of like that. I don't feel like it. I don't want to today. I want to sleep. All day.

But...I have two requested partials that I'm hoping will turn into requested fulls. I'm on a tight deadline. I need to get them done. It doesn't really matter that all I feel like doing is going back to bed. Or that I don't feel like it.

So, I'll put on my sweats, take some Tylenol and write. Because, today it has to be done.


  1. Hope you feel better. Discipline is good, but it's also painful!

  2. Hope you feel better soon, D'Ann, and good luck with the writing.

  3. Oh I know exactly what you mean. When you have animals depending on you, you can NEVER take a day off. Neither rain, sleet, snow, blistering heat, wind that will knock you off your ass will keep us from having to get up, dress and head out to feed.
    One of my minis had a bad allergic reaction to SOMETHING last Saturday, so now I have the added bonus of shoving three pills into the back of his mouth--trying not to get bit--twice a day. But I do it because I love him and it is MY RESPONSIBILITY.

    As for writing, again I understand you. I have to get this story finished even though I feel like crap.

    Watch that toothache of yours. I had a bad one a few years ago--the pain went into my ear and neck. I was going to get root canal, but instead the back molar had to be pulled.

    My sympathies go out to you. Toothaches are hell!!!!

  4. I'm sorry your feeling bad today, D'Ann...but your attitude is exactly 'write' - pun intended. :) Hope the Tylenol works its magic.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. I truly admire your dedication to your animals and to writing as well!

  6. Aw, D'Ann hope all works out tooth and all. You look lovely and cold! Brr, the wind is howling here in Michigan.
    Congrats, on your partials and way to be a go getter!
    All my best,

    1. Neecy, you're in Michigan? I didn't know that? Me, too!! It's awful today, isn't it? Brrr...

  7. *Giggles* at the pic...
    We all look like a million bucks when we feed first thing in the morning. LMBO! I'm so sorry about your toothache. I hope you can have it looked at soon. You're a real trooper!

  8. Aw, hope you feel better!! And I think you look great! This is so true. No matter what we have to write every day. And I just know those requests will turn into full requests :) Feel better, my friend!

  9. Aww Liz, you look just fine - love the pink scarf - it's the white stuff in the background that gives me the shivers. I'm with you on the animals coming first, but dang. You're a better woman than me. Feel better, sweetie.

  10. Get better D'Ann, and hey, there is absolutly nothing wrong with sweats. Fingers crossed for those full requests.

  11. Let's face it, we do a lot of stuff we'd rather not do, but it's necessary, part of life. As writers, we sometimes have to force ourselves to write each day. Self-discipline is very much a part of our lives. You're a credit to writers everywhere, D'Ann!


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  12. This is why I don't have any pets. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. You look wayy better than me. I have two sick kids but they won't let me be sick, or write, or do basically anything. LOL They are needy. Hope you feel better and gets lots of words down.

  14. Feel better soon and hope spring comes early!

  15. Not Good! Try a cup of hot tea, or like my mother always said, a hot bowl of chicken soup. Hope you feel better very soon.

  16. I hope you feel better, D'Ann. If it were me, I would have fed the animals then crawled back in bed :-)

  17. I so admire your dedication and preservation--that you get up and keep going even when you're in pain and not feeling well. Hope the tooth gets better soon--hate tooth aches.

  18. I think a trip to the dentist might be in order. I know what you mean, but on a much smaller level. In Germany, we had no yard, so I had to take the great dane out three times a day. No matter the weather or how I felt. Oh, and feed the cats.

  19. I hope you feel better soon... And I think you need a dentist.

    But your picture reminds me of myself growing up on a small farm. I lived in Western PA then and right smack dab at the bottom of one of the tallest if not the tallest mountain in PA and our winters were COLD. But you know what having to take care of the animals no matter what did for me-- I almost never call out from work--unless I'm almost dead--or they send me home because I'm too sick to be there.

    Hugs and feel better soon!