Sunday, February 24

The winds of change

Thanks to our own genius Kristi Knight for our new look. Isn't it elegant? 

I was thinking—a good thing to do when you’re supposed to be doing a blog post in a few hours—but no, really, I’ve been thinking about retirement. Leaving my job after 30 years was an emotional wrench and a complete joy. Two years and a couple of weeks later, thinking of the job is an emotional blip—I still miss the people I worked with—and a complete joy. As much as I’ve loved my entire adult life, I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun as I have now. 
          However—and now we’re to the thinking part; you knew I’d get there, didn’t you?—if I’m honest about it, I’ll admit that writing’s harder than it’s ever been. That I’m less productive than I’ve ever been. That I’m not all that crazy about the direction publishing is taking. That other than auto-buy authors and CPs and close friends, I don’t buy very many books. That I am having a hard time asking others to buy mine because I hate, despise, and abhor promotion.
          And I’m wondering if it’s time.
LaVyrle Spencer and Maggie Osborne retired years ago and I’ve whined about it ever since they silenced their keyboards, but maybe they were right. Maybe they knew beyond all doubt that it was time.
But I think—there I go again—of these past two years and the fun they’ve been and realize how much of that fun’s been had at the keyboard. I remember how I felt that last day at my job and know I don’t want to feel that way with writing. Not yet.
To answer my own question, no, I’m not ready to quit yet. I’m nowhere near “beyond all doubt.”
How about those of you who are, like me, “of a certain age”? Do you think about these things, too? Or those of you who are younger—do you fear that publishing’s going on without you and maybe you don’t want to go that way after all? Do any of you wonder if it’s time?


  1. I'm not 'of the age' and I'm still really excited about writing and finding new authors...but I will admit there are areas of publishing that aren't completely comfortable. That promotion thing is one - I'm great talking
    about other people's books, but there is a little bit of me that would rather talk about any book than my own.

    And I miss LaVyrles books, too...

  2. I think that we're at a time in life where just doing what we absolutely, beyond-a-shadow of a doubt love to do is what we should do. (Read that out loud three times fast!) I'm glad you're not really ready to give up writing because I'd miss your stories. I think you have a lot more in you, but I agree about the direction publishing is taking, the direction romance is taking. You know, there's no law that says how many books we have to crank out each year...write for leisure and for pleasure...otherwise, why bother?

  3. I've been retired from my day job for all of two months, and I know without a doubt that I did the right thing at the right time. Oddly, I'm feeling a bit like you about writing at the moment - maybe because I'm in the turmoil of transition, what with moving et al. After we get settled, I plan to indie publish my next book and see how I feel about process. Who knows?

  4. @Kristi - LaVyrle left a really big footprint, didn't she, for such a dainty-looking woman. :-)

    @Nan - I think I'd forgotten the leisure part and have been so disappointed in myself for how little I actually get written. Thanks for the reminder!

    @Alison - Transition is a big thing for many of us, isn't it? I've been reading your blog, though--looks like exciting times for you. I'm anxious to hear how indie goes for you. I just can't seem to get my mind around it.

  5. I am of a certain age, but I just started writing less than two years ago and my first book releases in September. Publishing is wide open and so exciting.

  6. I've been chasing this dream for so long. But once I achieved it, it kind of let me down. Why? The constant need to promo. Ugh. I get so tired of it, and I hate it.
    I think about quitting sometimes...but I can't. Not yet.

  7. @Ella, that's a great attitude, one I need to cultivate!

    @D'Ann - it's exhausting, isn't it?

  8. D'Ann and I are of like minds. Although I haven't been doing it as long as she has, I feel the same exact way. I'd rather do anything than promo!

  9. Do you think it's time? That's a very interesting question to ponder. I think it's time when you're tired, when the passion's gone, when what you're doing doesn't bring enjoyment. Until then, I say continue to let your fingers glide across the keyboard!

  10. @Shawn - I think promotion is disturbing a lot of us, especially (for me) since much of my promo is aimed at other writers, not readers, so I'm not sure how effective it is.

    @Arsoleen - I know it's not time for me to quit--I knew it by the time I finished writing the post, yet I do get tired of all the baggage that comes with writing. I think I need a little more gliding and a little less second-guessing every word I write! Thanks for coming by.