Sunday, March 10

The times, they are a-changin'

          The time changed this weekend. I was efficient. I changed the clocks in the house before I went to bed, changed my watch, even changed the clock in the car while we were out because my husband was driving.
On Saturday night, I went to bed…oh, some time or other, and got up an hour later than usual. Only I didn’t. I don’t think. It’s hard to tell, but I’ve been trying to catch up with myself all day. It couldn’t be time for lunch, but it was—matter of fact it was 1:00. I don’t have diabetes or anything that makes it matter when I eat, but I like to eat around noon or so or even at 11:30 if I got up at 5:30 instead 6:00. But I got up at 10 till seven when it was still, good holy grief, almost dark. We finished supper at 6:30. Or did we?
It’s Sunday night now—or maybe late afternoon. I’m ready for a shower and to go to bed, but it’s not dark yet. In fact, I’ve only been up 12 hours according to my watch and all the clocks and to Duane, who loves Daylight Savings Time. (He also loves well-done steak and mustard greens, so it’s obvious his taste is questionable.)
I’m exhausted.
This would not be so bad. You know, I’ll get used to it in a few weeks and I’ll be fine until the time changes again in November, at which time I will complain and get behind myself and try to find all the daylight the experts swear we’re saving. Yes, like I said, this would not be so bad.
That a week from today, we’re leaving the Winter House and going home to Indiana. To seeing kids and grandkids and my church and my cat and my office and even though I’ll miss the family here, I’ll be so glad to get home.
When we go home, the clocks will spring forward another hour, from Central to Eastern Time, and there will be another day like this one only worse because I won’t have had eight months to get over the inconvenience of it.
This, too, shall pass. I will get over it and stop my endless moaning and groaning about it. I will remember to be grateful for All Good Things and to laugh and to sing even though everyone would much rather I wouldn’t. And it won’t matter a lick what time it is.
Yes, absolutely.
Have a great week!


  1. I'm laugh-crying right along with you, Liz! My MIL came over today, after a week in New Orleans, complaining that she lost 2 hours..except that she didn't, only she kind of did because Central to Eastern time zones + springing forward... It's all so confusing!

    The time change wasn't as difficult this year as in year's past - I think it has to do with the mid-60s our temperature gauge hit today. Mid-60s mean spring which means summer is right around the corner...

  2. Thank God all the clicks in my house change by themselves, so haven't noticed the difference. One year, I showed up at work an hour early. I was so ticked off!

  3. LOL...loved your post. I wasn't happy to lose an hours sleep since I only had 8 hours between my shift at work, when in reality I only had 7, or did I? I don't know...but I was glad to get out an hour earlier...anyway it felt like it was an hour earlier, but was it? Who cares...I'm done until Friday :) Happy's almost here!

  4. Sounds great, Kristi. I can't wait to get home!

    Mine do at home, too, Shawn--at least some of them. I've never gone to work early, but I've gotten UP early!

    Thanks, Christine. You're sounding like me! Happy spring to you, too.

  5. Fun post! I always grumble more about springing forward than falling behind. I think it's too early for daylight savings just yet but guess we haven't much choice. Except I'm not sleepy tonight because it's really too early for bed. I think.
    But at least Spring is only 10 days away. :)

  6. I love spring. Thanks for coming by, Lucy!

  7. Seven years ago, we moved here the day we moved our clocks back. And woke up on Monday morning, trying to get a hold of the school system, to figure out bus routes, and enrolling my kids. I started calling at 7am. No answer. 7:30; no answer. 8am, no answer. What the hell....? Was it some sort of weird holiday? I called the neighbor we knew.

    "Molly, it's only 6am."

    Holy timeshifts....we'd not only lost 1 hour, we'd lost TWO! And nobody had changed the clocks in our new home, so we had no way of knowing this county had stayed on the Central Time Zone. For weeks I was waking up at 5am and getting sleepy by 9pm.

    Now today: I reset the clocks at 1am to 2am and went to bed, thinking 'there's no need to set my alarm for 6:30; I'll wake up at the usual time.' Ha ha ha....the joke was on me. Yes, I woke up at the 'usual time', 8:30 according to my body clock, 9:30 according to my alarm clock. My child was supposed to be at Sunday School, so I knew it was too late to wake him up; class would be over by the time I motivated him out of bed. So next Sunday, I'll be setting my alarm and hitting the snooze button for an hour!

  8. Liz, loved your post. I was able to handle the time change but my dogs' schedules were off all day yesterday. I fed them at the regular time and both looked at me like "What are you doing mom? It's not time to eat!" I guess they don't recognize Daylight Savings Time. My only problem was driving to work today in the dark. That was definitely a bummer!

  9. Hi, Molly. I remember a few years back, when a town north and west of us was split in half on the time thing--the kids didn't know WHEN to go to school! They rectified it quickly, but it sucked until they did.

    Thanks, Carolyn. My sister-in-law's animals were the way yesterday! I never liked going to work in the dark, either. Or, for that matter, coming home in it, but it was always one or the other.

  10. Good post! I HATE DST.
    My poor animals, they're so confused...and so am I. I have no idea what time it is today. The clock says 9:30, but is *really* 8:30 or 10:30???

  11. Really, I'm so glad we don't go on DST. The only thing I have to do is remember that everyone else has.

  12. It never really affects me. Must be because my sleeping schedule is determined by my work schedule which is close, open, open, close, open.Unless someone takes a day off then I usually pick up an additional close or two.

    Funny post, though :)

  13. Yeah, D'Ann. That's me. Confused.

    We didn't, either, Ella, for about 30 years, which is one reason I'm SO resentful of doing it now! :-)

    It didn't bother me when I was a kid, Margie, in school, but then when we went a long time w/o it, I got used to time being left alone. Even then, because we're on a line, many people preferred Central time, but we were on Eastern. I didn't care, because it stayed the same!