Tuesday, April 30

Horse auctions and pitch sessions.

Have you ever been to an auction? As a kid, I accompanied my dad to many horse auctions. They're a little bit like a fair. Sellers showing off their animals, buyers with stone faces. Excitement mixed with the smell of greasy hamburgers hangs in the air.

Dad used to go from pen to pen, marking on a little piece of paper which horses he wanted.

Then the actual bidding. We'd get seats mid way up, not too close so we could see movement. And not too far away so we could catch any flaws. The auctioneer would begin. Dad would flash his card. Across the room, someone else bid against him.

Sometimes Dad got the horse and sometimes someone else with more money did.

That's the nature of auctions.

This past weekend, I participated in a pitch session that reminded me a lot of one of those auctions. This time I was the seller. I entered the ring with sweaty hands and a dry mouth. Would the buyer (editor) want my book?

Would I appeal to the editor enough that she would bid?

I waited all weekend with bated breath--was I going to sell? Even warrant a bid?


She bid.

I sold!

Well, not technically. But I did get a request for a full!


  1. You're one hell of a good writer D'Ann. Good luck!

  2. that's awesome - and a great analogy!

    I went to several auctions with my grandfather when I was a kid - and you're right, that greasy hamburger smell permeates everything! Auctions are so much fun, though, the excitement just bubbles over.

  3. That is a great analogy--good luck!

    I loved auctions when I was a kid, but I was sooo paranoid about lifting my hand or anything!