Thursday, May 2

Introducing Braxton Cole

Today I'm thrilled to host my very good friend, Braxton Cole. Her new book, Blown, is now available on Amazon.

Brax--love those "X" names--take it away.


I learned to drive in a 1963 Dodge pickup that had a sticky transmission and a death rattle. I was about ten years old and we lived on several acres in the middle of nowhere.  As the youngest of four children, I think my mom was just too tired to protest when I asked. After a very brief lesson involving the importance of the three pedals--clutch, accelerator, and brake--I was set free to drive in circles in the back field with the cassette deck blasting.

My brother wasn't nearly as supportive of this venture as my mom was, especially after I lost track of reverse and almost ran over him with his own truck. His protests, however, were not enough to sway my mom. She'd found a way to keep me out of her hair for longer than ten minutes and she took full advantage.
I spent an entire summer in that field. My brother was a good foot and a half taller than me (still is) and drove with the seat all the way back. It was an old school bench seat, so to move the driver's side, the whole thing had to go forward. It took some serious will power, some creative swearing, and a couple of well placed kicks to move that seat forward. 

Today I drive a much nicer vehicle with heated leather seats that move with the push of a button. Still, I miss the creak of the springs, the grinding of the gears, even the smell of old motor oil that are ingrained into my memories of that summer.

The cars in Blown go a lot faster than that old Dodge, but sentiment is the same. Americans across the country love their vehicles. We love to drive, whether it's at five-miles-per hour in an abandon field or at nitro-infused, illegal street race fast.

Blown is about a lot more than just cars, and it is my sincere hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Braxton is also hosting a rafflecopter giveaway, so follow the link and check out the blurb.

 Veronica “Roni” Guard is an undercover cop trying to bust a drug ring. Unfortunately, she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Mateo Vargas, at an illegal street race in the California desert. He just happens to be a pretty big criminal himself. That’s why they split originally. No matter how much chemistry they have between them, a cop and a gangster are not a good match. Roni Convinces Mateo to help her with her case, his reluctance derailed by the one thing that always worked between them–sex. Yes, he’ll help her. But on one condition. In his world, she belongs to him, and him only.

Will Mateo’s possessiveness unravel Roni’s case? Or, worse, blow her cover? And if they get out of this alive, is there a future for them together?

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  1. Braxton--so glad to have you here today. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow! What memories! I think we all have our stories of learning to drive in an old beat up stick shift truck from our generation,Brax! Especially down here in the South! Loved the story! And loved how you incorporated a memory into your book! Nice touch!

    ~Chas <3

  3. Thanks y'all!

  4. I learned to drive a stick in a 1952 international pickup you had to doulble clutch to go higher than 2nd

  5. I learned in a 1954 Ford pickup, complete with the double clutching. When I drove anything else with a manual transmission, I just kept right on double clutching.

    Great post, and welcome to the Wranglers.

  6. Ooh, love that premise! And I'm a car girl. Not a total gear-head, and if you ask me to do anything except fill the tank I'll give you the o_O look. But I love my new Mustang ~ my first totally new sportscar. :)