Friday, May 3

Tear Jerker Chick Flicks

In the mood to watch a tear jerker? Nothing does it better than an old fashioned movie. Here are two of my favorite tear-jerker movies. And let me warn you, there is no happily ever after at the end, but they were damned good movies. Oh, and I may be showing my age here.

1. Madam X- This movie was made in 1966. Lana Turner played the role of a woman from the wrong side of the tracks who marries into a wealthy family. (John Forsythe plays her husband) Since his job has him out of town a lot she gets lonely and enters into a relationship with a dashing man (Ricardo Montalban. Yum.) She accidentally kills her lover while trying to break off the relationship and is forced by her mother-in-law to fake her death, leaving her husband and infant son behind. Years later, she is destitute and an alcoholic and spills her guts to a man (Burgess Meredeth) who threatens to go to her husband and son, and tell them what she's become in order to blackmail them. She kills him to keep her secret. Still not willing to expose her husband and son, on the arrest warrant, she signs her name as "X". Her defense attorney turns out to be her adult son. Her husband is in the courtroom to watch him defend his first case. Sob fest from here, everybody. I love this movie. Break out the Kleenex. Side note: The playboy mansion is the house in the film. Of course in 1966, it wasn't the playboy mansion.

2. Imitation of Life- Movie made in 1959. And no, I was not born yet! But I still love this movie. Another Lana Turner film. A young actress hires a black woman as her maid. The maid has a daughter that is light skinned enough to pass for white. And that is exactly what she does. She runs away from home several times, working in strip clubs, lounge acts, etc. only to be fired when her mother comes after her and blows her cover. Finally the mother gets sick and tired of trying to save her child. The last time she sees her, she pretends that she was her daughter's nanny she when she was little. When she dies of a broken heart, who do you think shows up at the funeral throwing herself on the casket? I bawl every time at the end of this movie. Mahalia Jackson sings at her funeral.  Sandra Dee plays Lana Turner's daughter. The bi-racial daughter is played by Susan Kohner, but has been mistaken for Natalie Wood. They do look a lot alike.

So there you have it. My favorite tear jerkers of all time.


  1. I liked "Imitation of Life" (largely because of Mahalia Jackson's singing), but haven't seen the other one. I was never a fan of Lana Turner.

    My favorite tearjerker movies are...hmmm..."Steel Magnolias" and "Little Women"--even though I know Beth's going to die every time, I still cry every time.

    Good post, Shawn.

  2. I did cry at Imitation of Life, but I'm with Liz, it was Mahalia Jackson's incredible interpretations. Haven't seen Madam X.

    Liz, your two are two of my favorites ones to cry through. If I need a good cry, those two will do it for me every time. Also, The Notebook, Empire of the Sun, Stepmom, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

  3. Liz, everytime I get ready to cry watching steel Magnolias I end up laughing. The moment is hilarious when Wheezer get offered up to get slapped. Never saw Little women.

    Nan, I cried like a baby during The Notebook.

  4. I love tear-jerkers...and I haven't seen either of these. So adding to the Netflix queue!