Tuesday, June 25



It's been an extremely hot summer so far. Colorado is burning up--literally.

I woke up this morning kind of dreading another miserable day.

Both of my WIPs are set in a Colorado summer. Not an uncommon occurrence for me.

But today, with the heat already searing like an Arizona August afternoon, neither story appealed.

I thought about opening an older manuscript set in the Colorado winter. But I just couldn't get into it either.

I mean, when you look outside, and the sun is glinting off the cornfields, it takes a little more effort to get into a frigid December story.

Of course, as writers, we use our imagination. I can get into a winter story while in the middle of a record-breaking scorcher. But today I don't want to.


So, here's the question: do you write with the season? Do you write a summer story in the summer? And a winter story in the winter? Or does it matter?

And while you're pondering, please pray for Colorado to get some rain.


  1. Hi, D'Ann,

    I love your photos! I do quite a bit of landscape painting, so I especially appreciate them.
    An intriguing question--as a writer, I generally fit the season to the story. So I can write about winter in the summer if it's right for the work. It all depends. But when I started my novel THE DROWNING POOL, it was August and humid. And of course the novel is set mainly at a pool club in August. So I guess writers are influenced and inspired by surroundings as I was. I do hope CO cools down and the fires end!

  2. I find it hard to write during different seasons. I know that I have to in order to get certain books published at certain times, but it's a challenge. I'll be praying for rain, not thunder and lightning but just a gentle rain!

  3. Good post, D. I was going to say I do usually write with the season, but realized that no, I really don't. I'm in the middle of winter on my WIP--you know, that one from hell--and my stories almost always start in summer, regardless of what time of year it actually is. Now I'm wondering if there's something profound about that.

  4. Praying for your rain. We had flooding a couple of weeks ago and although we're over annual rainfall percentages, I'm worried we might go into another drought this summer.

    I think I've only written one story with a winter setting. I typically write them with spring/summer on my mind, just because I hate winter. Bluck.

  5. I write in a place where our seasons are rainy and dry, but we do have subtle differences in the fall and spring. My genre is Regency. Therefore, I write about all the seasons, while not experiencing them any more at all. Tweeted.

  6. Thinking about it, I guess I like to write spring or fall. Both are my favorite seasons. And if you get any rain your way send some south, pretty please??

  7. I hope CO finds rain soon. Where I live in CA, it's drying up too with Stage 2 water rationing. When the wildlife wander the neighborhood looking for water, you know it's dry. We keep our troughs full for all the critters. And, by the way, I'll write in all seasons.

  8. How about a rain dance? It worked here in Texas when we had a drought. Rain, please quench Colorado's thirst.
    I usually don't have a problem writing in a season, but if I did I'd turn the ac down and have a bowl of ice cream...err wait, I have problems with writing winter in summer, let me get the ice cream scoop. ;)

  9. I like writing against the season - winter stories during the summer and vice versa...I think that's an easy way to beat the heat (or cold)! :D

    We've been watching the fires and praying for rain...hope you get some relief!

  10. I usually write all my stories with spring seasons. The one I'm working on now is set in fall. I hope you get rain soon. We've certainly had enough here.

  11. I wish I could send some rain your way. I think I might have a spare storm or two around here :)

    Since I write in YA, I usually write around the school season.

  12. I keep watching the news and the videos of the fires. How horrible!

    I vary my seasons. Whatever works for the story. I've written Christmas in July and July in December :-)

  13. Usually it doesn't matter that much to me. TLhe big problem is that I have Seasonal Affected Disorder, so I have trouble writing light or humorous during winter time.

  14. I love these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    I don't write with the seasons, but I like reading books set in summer time in summer and books set in winter in winter. It's hard to know sometimes which season a book is set in, but when it all comes together, I'm a happy reader.

  15. Pics are amazing! Hope Colorado stops burning soon.
    I don't write with the seasons. I do like to Christmas books near the holidays, otherwise, I'm not picky at all :)