Thursday, August 8

To Wish, To Dream--My Inspiration Corner

 I am not going to share my desk with you as I really don't use one. I have one, but basically it is the place where my husband stacks my piles of crap that I tend to collect on the kitchen table.

If I were to show you where I write, I'd have to take a picture of the B&N Cafe or a Panera table. 

My first drafts are almost always written on a graph pad by hand in different colors of ink. To the left you'll see a sampling of my pen supply--it's about an inch or so deep and it's one of those rubbermaid drawers in a 3 drawer cabinet.

Then I type my chapters into my netbook either at one of the places i mentioned or on my little stand in the living room or on the kitchen table--never on my desk.

But I do have a writer corner with inspiration and that's what I'm showing you. My myriad bulletin boards, white board, plaques, and writerly thoughts.

So, there you have it. My space 


  1. I love your space. It would keep me inspired!

  2. Sounds good! I have a little, rough wood table my husband hand made...used to dream of a second story office with a daybed and slate floor...not happening, so my little table's good. I like your visual inspiration!

  3. I thought about putting in my lego collection that takes up most of a bookshelf, but I refrained. It was bad enough displaying my pens by the thousand :)

    Thanks for peeping into my little corner of the world.

  4. Love the inspiration space. I rarely do any handwriting of my stories, but I love pens and notebooks, so I'm often writing something. I loved my colored ink pens when I was in high school. Your pile makes me want to go out and buy an assortment of my own.

  5. It's the writing space in your imagination that is the most important anyway. The others are just accouterments.