Tuesday, September 3

Rom-Con 2014, Here I Come!

romcon badge

Yesterday, I did something exciting! I signed up for Rom-Con! I am so freaking excited! A chance to get to spend time with other romance writers, meet readers and have some fun!

Along with being excited, I am so nervous!

I am very shy when I meet strangers. I don't do it well. I turn red, stammer and generally make a fool of myself. 


The general public thinks writing is a solitary thing. That may have been true in Hemingway's time, or Shakespeare's. But nowadays, writing, if you want to sell anything, requires a social media presence. I've grown very weary of it all, honestly.

The constant selling on Twitter, for instance. I've yet to see a Tweet that isn't buy my book. I'm guilty of it, too. And Facebook? A CONSTANT barrage of politics and gun control.

I wish I could just hole up at home, write and become successful. But until that happens, I'll be around Facebook. Heading over there now, actually.

See you at Rom-Con 2014!


  1. yay for signing up! Conferences are exciting and overwhelming and tiring but so rewarding, too! I think you'll have a ball!!

  2. So exciting for you! You'll have fun, you'll see.

  3. Have a good time! Youa nd I are so much alike! We both were born in July, got married in August, and are painfully shy. I once told my hubby I wish I could just write. No promo, just write.

  4. I'm an introvert too, so I can relate. But take a chance and talk to someone else, they might be feeling shy and overwhelmed too. As for the constant Tweets on "buy my book" it is already established that doesn't work, so don't bother with it, LOL!