Wednesday, January 8

And Then At the Y

As many of you know I'm a full-time writer. I write my romances and I write for a couple non-fiction/business type places. I also teach water classes at the Y; it's a very part-time gig, but I've picked up some extra classes over the last few weeks because one of the regular instructors has been ill. I love writing and I never want to work 'full-time' outside the home again ... but I have to say, having these extra classes and the extra 'adult' interactions has been fun.

But the things you hear! I get an earful about Barbara Ann's sciatica and Mr. Bud apparently only eats broccoli...and has a hard time digesting it. I hear about who's snow-birding it in Florida or Arizona (and, man, do I wish it was warm here, too!) and who had a not-great doctor's appointment. But what I've really learned: life *does* go on after 60, or 70 or 80.

Like this:

  • From the 90-year-old retiree (male), about the new lifeguard (female), "if I were only 20 years younger". Insert an 'eewwwww' from me because, he'd still be 70 and she's still be under 20 years old
  • From the widowed-last-year, wears full make-up in the pool, "Do you write the sex in your books? Because it's a tough market out there...I think I need a few pointers." *insert Kristina Shiver*
  • And then her friend, "Do you write the 50-shades sex? Or the regular people? Because I like regular people sex best." To which her friend replied, "Oh, Judy, I've heard all about your and Roger on Friday nights after the Legion fish fries."
  • From the former Navy man, "I can't keep up with you young chippies," *waggles his eyebrows*, "But I'm told slow and steady is just right for some of you."
I love teaching my classes and the people are so sweet to one another (and to me) but these past few weeks have been really...enlightening for me. And now I have some fodder for new books! Kidding...sort of...not really....


  1. LOL. That ninety-year-old dude has probably been saying that since he was forty and hasn't figured out the math no longer works :) Maybe Janet E hangs at the local pool to get Grandma Mazer quips.

  2. I can tell you from experience life does go on after 60 - and you get that you speak your mind and don't care as much what people think :)

    1. :) I'm looking forward to that part, Margery!

  3. Oh, double ewwww.... Conversation can be enlightening, can't it? Great post, Kristi.

  4. OMG! Men never stop trying--or stop thinking about trying. LOL How do you keep a straight face, Kristina? :) Great post!