Friday, February 21

Guest Authors Margo Hoornstra & Janine Gallant!

Hiya, WordWrangler readers! It's our pleasure to welcome Margo Hoornstra and Janine Gallant to the round corral - for their Champagne Flutes & Cowboy Boots book tour! Take it away Janine and Margo!


About Only If You Dare:

All the pleasures and none of the pain, that’s what Cynthia Buckingham wants in a relationship these days. A one-night stand with Jonah Colt seems to fit that bill perfectly. Newly divorced, she’s too busy planning her daughter’s wedding for any serious involvement. Besides, her true passion is helping victims of PTSD reclaim their lives.
Waking up after spending the night with a woman he barely knows, Jonah is stunned to realize sex for the sake of sex isn’t enough for him anymore. A veteran of more military battles than he cares to count, he wants to forget it all and focus on peaceful civilian life. Except flashbacks won’t allow it.
Falling for Cynthia makes Jonah regret his weakened state, but he’d rather hide the truth than face it. When she sets aside everything she believes in to help him heal, can he accept her help–and her love?
About Asking for Trouble:
Daycare owner, Miranda O’Neill, isn’t looking for a miracle. But that’s what it’ll take to convince Cole Matheson the American Dream isn’t a trap designed to suck the life out of him. She wants a house with a white picket fence. He wants adventure. She yearns for babies of her own. He’s perfectly content claiming his aging hound as his only dependent. The one thing they agree on–they can’t keep their hands off each other.
Six months ago, they’d admitted love wasn’t enough and parted ways. But when Cole finds himself in charge of his nephew for the ten longest days of his life, only one person can save him.
Will Miranda put aside her heartache to jump into the fray? Can Cole find any redeeming qualities in a demon in a diaper? Either way, both know they’re just asking for trouble.
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About the Authors: 

Margo Hoornstra hails from the Midwest, land of the—this year at least—never ending snow storms. It’s beautiful to look at but has put a crimp in her second love besides writing, long walks outdoors.

Jannine Gallant lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe where she enjoys hiking and snowshoeing in the woods around her home. Her stories are set in small towns and reflect the beauty of nature.

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  1. Hey all at Word Wranglers, Thank you for having us here today. Jannine and I would like to know. What's your preference in a hero - suave and sexy or rough and ready?

  2. Thanks so much for having us! Let's get the party started with our oh so different heroes!

  3. Replies
    1. Oops, forgot to answer...I like the guy next door, so I guess that just puts me on the fence!