Friday, July 11

15 Things About Me

1. I like all things Disney except Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Rodents scare me.

2. Lately, I've been trying all natural face, hair and body products. I make all of them myself using recipes from the internet. The face scrub is delicious. Who can resist greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey and cloves? Can't wait to try the avocado hair conditioner. Yeah, this is starting to sound weird.

3. I'm a coffee addict, but only during the week. Sometimes it drink it on weekends.

4. I hate my forehead. I think it's a five head. Most of the time I wear bangs. Every once and awhile I'll let most of it hang out.

 5.I love it when hubby gets in silly mode.

6. I love it more when I'm in silly mode with him.

7. My hair is naturally corkscrew curly. My, hairstylist, Rommell, is a lifesaver when I need to go straight.

8. When I was twenty, I thought I would always be a size four. I was wrong about a  lot of things when I was twenty.

9. I'm an insomniac. I sleep well some nights, but when insomnia kicks in, it's killer.

10. I'm afraid of the closet monster. Under no circumstances will I sleep with an open closet door. Come to think of it, pitch darkness doesn't do anything to ease my nights. Not much of a problem if hubby is next to me. Not happening if he's not there.

11. I can't stand rude people.

12. I miss having a belly ring.

13. I haven't had a cigarette since February.

14. Champagne gives me a headache.

15. I'm left handed.


  1. I think the only two I knew were the closet monster (which makes me giggle--sorry, Shawn) and the belly ring. Good on you about the cigarettes! I loved the pics, but now I'll never be able to feature your hubs w/o a Batman mask!

  2. It's okay, Liz. Hubby thinks that's funny too. Thanks about the cigs. Hat's off to you because I know you quit a while ago. It's a hard habit to break. I think batman is hubby's favorite super hero.

  3. I'm scared of the dark and never go outside at night if I don't have to. We all knew a lot at 20! LMAO!

  4. My hubby is afraid of the closet monster--he can't sleep with it open either. I'm fine. Although, when he's not in bed, I turn on the tv to fall asleep to.

  5. I sleep with the tv on too. Have to use the auto shut off.

  6. Mickey Mouse isn't a rodent. He's a rodent in red pants. So, that means if he attacks you-you can mock him into submission. Keep that in mind : ) I'm sorry about the champagne. Maybe it's the tannin. Have you tried red wine?

  7. Love red wine. Merlot is my favorite. Lol on Mickey!