Wednesday, July 9

Can There Really Be 15 Things...

This week we're sharing 15 things with y'all that you (probably) didn't know about us. I'd like to say there is a LOT about me you didn't know, but I'm kind of an open book. So...We'll see how far I get before you guys are nodding off.

15. I have my very first grand-nephew - a little guy born this winter at 25 weeks who is now my hero because he has not only survived but his is THRIVING.

14. I absolutely love auto-biographies, and even though I know most are ghost-written, as I'm reading I hear that singer/actress/politician's voice in my head as I'm reading long.

13. I never consciously thought, "I want to be a mom." In fact, I kind of consciously thought, "I don't want to be a mom", but now I can't imagine not having bebe in my life. She and RadioMan complete me, as cheesy as that sounds.

Speaking of...

12. RadioMan is still the funniest guy I know. Especially when he doesn't think he's being funny. The more serious he gets, the more silly it seems. Sometimes I can reign in the laughter. Sometimes.

11. I have a weakness for scented candles and lotions. Which is why I never - unless I really, truly am completely out of a product - I avoid the side of our mall with Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works. I am weak, people, weak.

10. I don't care that they are fashion faux pas, I will wear my hot-pink-Crocs in public and I will rock them. Rock, I tell ya/

9. (Other than RadioMan) the funniest people - whether their sense of humor was dry, wicked or Conan-silly - are people in the news business. The conversations we've had during commercial breaks, at story meetings and as the lights faded out after a newscast are legend. There is a reason y'all should be following OverheardInTheNewsroom/OverheardOnTheScanner, people.

8. I'm  a sucker for toning equipment. Suzanne Somers ThighMaster, that neck-workout thing, exercise bands. I have loved them all ... and quickly mourned the loss of $45 (or whatever) when I realized the equipment was hokum.

7. I have a girl-crush on Scarlett Johannsen, and it has nothing to do with her lips and everything to do with her hair. Gah. The hair!

6. I think Born in Ice by Nora Roberts might be the best book she's every written. Ever. And you know there are, like, eleventy-billion others that I adore. But that one gets me. Every. Damn. Time.

5. Drunk songs - like People are Crazy, Drunk on A Plane, All My Friends Say, the list is loooooong - are my guilty pleasure. I can't stand the taste of beer and most wines make my eyes go squinchy. Mixed drinks, those are my things. Give me a slushy strawberry daquiri and Dierks Bently singing Drunk on a Plane and I might dance on a table for you.

4. I have subscriptions to travel newsletters like Jetsetter because even though I can't afford to stay in 5-star hotels I like to pretend. And daydream. And, you know, research for books. But mostly to personally daydream.

3. The random things on my desk never fail to surprise me. This morning there is a new addition - I think it might be a LEGO part. And it's got my earbuds wrapped around it so I think maybe the LEGO people were startled when I woke up this morning and they had to go back into Toy Story Stealth Mode too quickly to unwind it. I'm thinking, if I leave it alone and it's not there tomorrow morning, I'll have proved TSSM is a real thing.

2. I have an inspirational saying plaque at my desk. It reads, "Everyday a New Story Begins," and I am confident that that applies to real life as well as fiction. Every day we have the chance to start over and leave the past behind. I like that.

1. My other inspy-plaque reads, "And They Lived." Nope, it's not incomplete, it's from the Drew Barrymore Cinderella flick, "Ever After." At the end of the movie the narrator tells the Brothers Grimm that the point of the Cinderella story wasn't that the prince and Cinder lived happily ever after...but that they lived. Implying that the important pieces of a life are in the living of it. Not a single event or year or choice. But living every day, enjoying it and passing that joy along.

Those are my 15 things, and now for my question for you: when is the last time you celebrated an ordinary day - and what did you do to make that day a memory?


  1. Great to learn more about you! I have a lotion fetish, too!

  2. What a fun interview! Learned so much about you, Kristina! Psst...I have to avoid Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works because I love lotions too ;)

    1. the smells! The *smells*! thanks for visiting, Jennifer!

  3. The worst thing about Bath and Body works is that you discover a new scent and then they discontinue it! My all-time favorite is Meadowsweet and every spring I hope that they'll return it.

    And I love your number two--every day a new story begins. I think I'm going to make that my motto.

    1. I love that saying, too, Margie! We have an outlet near us for B&B - and when I hear about discontinuing I make a beeline and buy extra bottles of my faves.

  4. I love your list--and there's not a thing about that one item that's cheesy! I think I started truly celebrating ordinary days when I had a breast biopsy and the doctor woke me up saying "Benign. It's benign." I don't think I've taken a day for granted since.

  5. I love how this whole list is so random. You're celebrating EVERYTHING! That's a really cool quality. Good post : )