Thursday, September 11

The World Infinite

 I got a job! I know, you're thinking, "Why? You were enjoying unemployment, weren't you???"

And yes, I had a wonderfully stress-free summer. Probably the laziest most
carefree summer since I was a child.

But--when I was in Freddies this week and they were setting Halloween, something in me itched to join in. I miss merchandising. I miss people--because even though you have a few bad apples, the peaches of society make up for them.

So, when I got a notice from Burlington Coat Factory that they were having a job faire, I attended it. And I got a job. Sure, the pay is entry-level, but the possibilities are wide-open. It's a new store--I get to help open a new store!! Which is one of my all-time favorite things to do in retail. 

And I get to be on the receiving/merchandising team when the store opens up. My second favorite thing to do in retail! So, my days will begin at 6 am--well, more accurately, 4:30 or so, when I'll have to roust myself out of bed. 

And the new store is in the same plaza/mini mall as my favorite--and only--Barnes and Noble. So, when I get off work in the early afternoon, I can go to B&N and write for a couple of hours before heading home.

In my head, I always knew I'd go back to work, but I also knew I wanted it to feel "right". And this feels so right. And I know I can make it work. 

On my work hiatus, I've figured out a few things about myself. I need structure, I wrote more when I was forced to carve time out to write, then when I had a wide-open schedule.

I found out that I can be a creative cook again. I made a basil/cream cheese spread and put it in cherry tomatoes and then used the spread again--along with thin slices of Tillamook Chedder--a few days later for a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich.

I discovered that I still don't like housework and will only do it when I have no choice. So, don't stop by my house unannounced unless you don't mind killer dustbunnies.

And I am positive that there are infinite possibilities out there waiting for us all. Hold tight and enjoy the journey.


  1. Congrats! That's awesome! I sometimes think about going back to Target, but then I wake up! LOL We have different takes on retail, but that's cool. Friends don't have to agree on things!

    1. Thanks, D! I'm pretty excited about it.

  2. you have such an amazing attitude, margie, I just love it!

    I need that structure, too, which is why I think I'm so productive during the school year than in the summer when bebe's home ... and vacations are happening and people are visiting. Good luck with the new gig!

  3. Thanks, Kristi--that means a lot. Overall, I'm a pretty positive person--rose colored glasses everywhere--just ask my family :)

    It's weird that we're more productive that way--or maybe it's ingrained because of the school schedule...mmmmmm. Another theory to contemplate :)

  4. Oh, I am so happy for you! Keep us up to date on how it goes, and hugs to you!

    1. Thank you, Liz. And of course, I'll keep you posted.