Friday, October 10

Question Friday

So, welcome to our premiere of Question Friday. Since this was my idea, I got to ask the first question. This week I asked my blogmates this question:

What genre or style of book would you like to write, but probably never will?

Liz's answer: A Regency romance, wherein the heroine is older, on the proverbial shelf, for one reason only: Mary Balogh. Because of reading her books--some of them several times--I've become completely fascinated by the period. However, I'll never try one for the simple reason I'm positive I wouldn't get it right--and this is one instance where less than right is awful. :-)

Nan’s answer: I'd pick dark mysteries a la Daphne DuMaurier--I cut my teeth on her books and I loved them! I don't think I'd ever write them though because I don't have the kind of mind that can maintain that level of mystery or the chain of events that it would take to keep the mystery alive. I'm too open. I'd spoil the ending on about page 107 and then where would I be? So I guess I'll let Daphne and the other dark mystery writers handle those stories and I'll stick to romance!

Kristi’s answer:  I love historicals - any time from ancient history to the 60s, and I would love to be able to write one. I've never tried and, honestly, I probably will never try because all the research that would go into getting the time period 'right' would stop me. I know I could get my head around the different ways of speaking, the dress and even the slang, but the actual act of *stopping* the research to start the writing would be a challenge!

Margie’s answer: For me, it’d be sci-tech thrillers. Think Michael Crichton. I love that type of book –probably because I know that I could never pull it off. One—I’m not a scientific or computer genius. Two—I don’t know that I have the patience to plot out the thriller element. And three—I wouldn’t want to face the scrutiny when I screwed something up. But, boy, do I love me a well-written one.

Thanks for tuning in on our first Friday question, now your turn. What’s your answer?

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  1. Fun answers, everyone!

    Margie, I love a sci-tech thriller, too, it's just so cool what those writers come up with!

    Liz, Mary Balogh is a *happysigh* writer for me, too!

    And Nan, I read so many Agatha Christie and Daphne du Maurier books growing've reminded me to go pick up 1 or 2 at the library this week.