Friday, March 18

Sweet and Savage Release

Happy Friday! With the lovely -- if windy -- Spring weather these past few days, I can barely keep a thought in my head, much less gather my thoughts to write something interesting. Which is totally fine, because my writer peep, TC Winters, is releasing her second romantic suspense novel within weeks, and I'd rather write about that any day.

Or, more to the point, I'd rather she write about her new book. Her characteristic swift-pace is offset with sassy characters, enough unknowns to keep you on the edge of your seat and suspecting everyone, and (perhaps the number one selling point here) fireman.

So, check out TC Winter's "Sweet and Savage!"
Annie Sweet’s nemesis is fire…
The sole survivor when an arsonist destroyed her home, young Annie Sweet is plunged into the nightmarish world of unregulated foster care. When her abusive foster mother also dies in a suspicious fire, the local media dubs Annie the Vigilante Baby.

That’s not who I am anymore…
Years later, Annie has one goal—eradicate her past by saving other children from the horrors of abuse. But as she finds herself surrounded by flames and death once again, she realizes someone doesn’t want her to forget.

The danger escalates, and clues point to Annie as the perpetrator. Convinced she is being framed, she turns to the one man who knows fire.

Firefighter Luke Savage suffers from his own demons, but when he’s called to Annie’s home for a minor fire, he’s taken by her charm.

The flames burn even hotter when Annie’s chief tormentor is found dead on her kitchen floor, yet the deadly deeds continue.

Two in, two out
Will the firefighter’s creed keep her from harm, or lead her straight into the flames?

Look for "Sweet and Savage" coming soon! Check out TC Winters "Blue Falcon" on Goodreads.


  1. Loved, loved this book!! TC Winters is a great writer!

  2. Fabulous book! Once you start reading, you'll be turning pages until the very end!