Thursday, May 19

On the road with Nan and Liz...

6:45 AM - In the office with tea and frizzy hair. If you walk through the living room, you'll trip over my suitcase, computer bag, essentials bag, shoe bag, and...oh, I'm not taking that. I'll leave to pick up Nan about 9:00 and we'll start the three-hour...cough, cough...okay, five-hour drive to Chicago. I have no idea why we never just drive somewhere, but we always have to stop. For new shoes--there's a great store in Monticello--and for wine, in case they don't sell it in Chicago--and for all the things we forgot even though my car will be stuffed with the essentials we remembered.

Can't wait. We'll be back later with more on our trip to Spring Fling 2016.

9:30 AM - I'm all ready to go! Liz, can you believe it? I'm adding a suitcase, computer bag, hanging clothes bag (so sue me, I like choices), box o' books for the bookstore at the event (and I promise Liz has one just like it), a cooler because . . . well, Riesling needs to be chilled, but there's also water in there and some yogurt.
There's also my poster, although I'm not at all sure we're going to have room for posters on our book-signing tables, a 31 bag with chocolate and red wine in it because. . . chocolate and wine. I do have a separate bag for shoes, hairdryer, etc. because I like shoe choices, too, and we're driving, not flying so why not, right?

More from the road later . . . 

4:53 PM

Here we are, sitting in the lobby of the conference hotel with
Starbucks over my left shoulder. It was a fun trip up. Good lunch. Good iced tea. We're thinking about doing a little work. But not thinking too hard and probably not much work. We see other writers here, other laptops, hear a conversation about analogies and metaphors that has my editor friend itching to help.

Need a refill. Stop back by! Nan will check in later.

 10:25 PM: Well, we're tucked into our room for the night after a fun evening with a group of writers from Wisconsin--one of whom happened to be Meg Hennessy, who was someone we met at the 2014 Spring Fling and had supper with then. We reminisced and talked writing and editing and grandboys and horse and . . . you get the picture. It was fun getting reacquainted with Meg and getting to know Karen and Betsy. This is a picture of a pretty little courtyard in the hotel. Liz and I are thinking it might be a great place to have our lunch tomorrow. Big day tomorrow with Publisher Spotlights and a couple of good workshops and taking our books to the Bookstore to get ready for Saturday's book signing. We're both sorta pooped out and ready for a good night's sleep. More tomorrow! Goodnight!!


  1. have fun, ladies...but not *toooooooo* much fun!

  2. Enjoy. Wish I could have made the trip, too.

  3. Have a great time! I remember the last Spring Fling. Fun times!

    1. Wish you were here, Lisa--it was so much fun.

  4. You should look up Christi Barth, I saw she was going to be there, too. Have fun, girls!!! Can't wait for the next update.