Thursday, June 23

Game Time

by Margie Senechal 

This week, we've kind of stumbled upon a similar theme--character building. And I just discovered this new game to aid in that, so I thought maybe we could all try it out together.

So, this week's WIP, Summer Goddess, is a romance about two characters who barely know each other and are now on a road trip driving from San Francisco to LA along the California coast line.

So, to get to know each other, Hutch brings along the cards from
 the game, Loaded Questions, to play as they drive.

Hutch glanced at the card and read the last question. "What do you love about your hometown?"  He didn't even know if Claire was from San Francisco or Boston. Well, probably not Boston as she didn't have even a hint of an accent. "Where is your hometown?"

Claire shook her finger at him. "That's two questions."

"Well, we wouldn't want that." He'd just have to guess from her answer.

"I once had a teacher tell us that we lived in one of the only places in the world where you could drive 90 minutes west and be at the coast. Or drive 90 minutes east and be in the mountains. I love the versatility of my hometown." She reached for a new card without telling him where she was from.

Now, it's your turn to play the game as your characters. I've posted two cards from the game, so lets see what you and your characters come up with in the comments. Have fun!


  1. Fun game, Margie! Let's see, the two characters in my up-and-coming book would probably answer:
    Jo: If I could trade lives with someone, who would I choose? Mira, the server at the Hopper. She's beautiful and blonde with legs that go on for a light year and I wish I had even a smidgeon of her beauty."
    Lux: "What is something I have the urge to do every day? Aside from make love to Jo, I wish to overthrow the Klorakian dictator, who has raped and ruined my homeworld and likely murdered the loved ones I left behind."

    1. I never met a dictator that I liked and the Klorakian one is the worst. LOL

      Thanks for playing, Ava. I think I'm going to like using these cards as a character-building tool.

  2. Cool idea, Margie! In my current WIP, I think the characters might respond like this:
    Libby: Where is a great place to host a wedding? Why, my winery of course!
    Nick: What do you do that is really irresponsible? Currently, Abandon my life and my company to live in a lighthouse for a month... well, maybe not abandon, but this is a big step outside my corporate comfort zone. ;-)

    1. Well, Libby just got some free advertising. Lol

  3. What company or product do you wish was still around? Libby, from a WIP: "Bookstores. You know, ones where you could spend a whole rainy afternoon going through a hundred books and picking out just one. They were safe and warm places."

    What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? Tucker, same story. "Stopping in one place long enough to get attached, to get my heart broken. I'm new at this emotion stuff, Lib. Be gentle with me."

  4. This was fun, Margie--made me think!

  5. Can just anybody enter this game? If so, the unnamed character in my newest short story would respond as follows. . ."The biggest risk? My first murder in a public venue. It was frightening but exhilarating. They're no longer frightening, but the exhilaration grows stronger each time. I want to keep experiencing it, over and over."

    1. Of course, Claudia--and I have to admit I'm intrigued by your character's answer. Nice!