Thursday, July 21


 by Margie Senechal

When I was growing up, my grandparents were part owners of a property on the Lewis River and when it got really hot out, Grandma would say, "Let's go to the Place."

We'd pack a picnic lunch, load up the station wagon and Grandpa's truck and head out. We wore shorts and our oldest tennis shoes because you didn't go into the Lewis River barefooted.

It wasn't that deep where it ran along their property, but the rocks in the riverbed were sharp and slick

Man, that cool water felt good. We skipped stones, looked for salamanders, and stayed away from the pincher bugs.

Most of my best memories from my childhood are summer memories. I wonder if that's true of everyone.  

I can't pick a favorite season because there are things I love about all of them--especially the beginning of each one. But, here are some of my favorites about summer.

I love the scent of honeysuckle in the night air as it drifts in through our open front door.
Butterflies and hummingbirds in my garden.
Fresh berries.
Rain after a long, hot spell. The harder, the better.
The beach.
The sound of softball from David Douglas Park, a block away.
The baby birds in my tree-I can't wait to see them emerge from the birdhouse one day. Right now I have to be content with listening to them chirp for their mother to bring them bits of apple from my trees.

I hear the heat is cranking up in most parts of the country, so maybe it's time to focus on the good things about summer. Tell me what you love about summer or your favorite memory.

Have a great Thursday and stay hydrated!


  1. I'm like you--I like all the seasons, especially at their beginnings, but some of summer's specials are lightening bugs, noisy kids, hummingbirds, air conditioning, the look of the moon, the crack of a ball against a bat... Nice post, Margie.

    1. I lived in Norfolk when I was young and I loved the lightening bugs. I was so disappointed when we moved here and realized we didn't have any. Lol the only fault I've found with the PNW :)

  2. the smell of sunscreen, spending all afternoon at the city pool...running around like a maniac during play time after children's church and then cooling off by standing over the vents that shot out the most deliciously cool air for the sanctuary (after church had been dismissed, natch)...those are just a few of my favorites - great post, Margie!

    1. The smell of sunscreen always brings up memories! Love it

  3. Great post, Margie! I'd say my favorite memories of summer are the smell of Tropicana Suntan Lotion/Baby Oil, Sun In, catching lightening bugs, eating watermelon and spitting the seeds, and playing tag with the neighborhood kids until way past dark. I wonder what sort of memories my kiddos with have...

    1. We used to play hide-n-seek in the dark. Great memories!