Tuesday, August 30

More Listy Lists . . .

Yeah, Liz got us started yesterday and so here I am, using her list, but with my answers. Lazy, lazy blog, but lists are so much fun, don't you think? Here we go with Nan's listy answers. 
1. Favorite mode of travel: I'd love to take a Mississippi River cruise. I have some friends who are doing one this fall and I'm pea green with envy. Liz, what do you think?? Although auto trips with Lizzy run a close second.
2. Favorite destination you haven't gone to yet: Taos--I'd love to see the place my mom was seriously considering moving to before she died.
3. Favorite state you've visited: Michigan, always, always Michigan.
4. Favorite pizza toppings: mushrooms, black olives, cheese, and sweet Italian sausage.
5. Favorite car: Whichever one I'm driving, which right now is a 2013 GMC Terrain (kinda the GMC version of Liz's Equinox), but I'll always love the 1983 Mercedes 240D sitting in our garage.
6. Favorite coat: My denim jacket. It's perfect for fall.
7. Favorite song that makes you feel mushy inside: You Can Close Your Eyes, Turn Me On, Come Away With Me, anything at all from Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook collection.
8. Favorite piece of jewelry: Right now, the plumaria pendant my kids brought me from Hawaii and the pearl they gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.
9. Favorite hobby: Knitting, Reading.
And for the writing side of you: 
10. Favorite conference: Chicago North's Spring Fling of 2014--it was so much fun! Ditto from Nan! Although, the April 2015 IRWA Conference with Lani Diane Rich and Alastair Stephens from StoryWonk runs a very close second.
11. Favorite trope: Secret babies--love those, friends to lovers, and, oh, heck...I really am a sucker for anything if the story is well told.
12. Favorite cover type: Any one without people on it. I have to second this one. Liz's cover for Back to McGuffey's is one of my faves.
13. Favorite hero: The nice guy. With hair on his chest and a butt that looks nice in his not-too-tight jeans. He's probably scared of snakes and man, can he kiss!!
14. Favorite heroine: Somebody I want to be friends with, someone I could laugh with, and whom I'd trust with my deepest secrets. But unlike me, she's arty and has great hair.
15. Favorite category you like to read: I'm into contemporaries with over-40 protagonists, rom-coms, romantic suspense, and lately, cozy mysteries. Once again, no, I can't name just one. 
16. Favorite swag: I'm not sure this qualifies as swag, but I once got a teacup and saucer for being a commenter on one of Liz's blog posts. I love that teacup! I like magnets and everyone can always use a pen, right?
 So there's my list. Hope you'll join in the fun!


  1. Love your list. No river cruise for me unless I can hire on--they're way beyond the budget, but I'd love to go on one.

    1. I've never priced the river cruises, but then again, I've never been on a cruise or priced them either... ;-)

  2. I think those river cruises look like fun - very low-key...maybe we could do a writer's retreat on one!!!!!

    1. Oh, hey, now there's a great idea, Kristi!!

  3. That would be fun, but they are expensive. I know the one that goes down/up? the Columbia River and onto the Snake River costs around 4-5K. Queen of the West cruise.

    Although you can take a day or night Sternwheeler trip down the Willamette and Columbia Rivers with meal included for less than a hundred bucks. That might be the way to go. LOL

    1. PS--Back to McGuffy's is one of my all time fave covers too.