Friday, September 9

Day four...strolling on the dock of the bay...sort of...

Oh, the boat ride was fun! Captain Chuck took us all up and down the Black River on the Lindy Lou. There were only four of us--a couple from Saginaw, Nan, and me. Afterward, we went to visit some fruit markets and orchards and a winery we didn't even plan for. Working this afternoon, and I just got to the end of the scene and had one of those good writer thoughts-- "Duh. What do I do now?"

There is an abundance of black squirrels up here. While I'm sure some people find them annoying, I just think they're cute.

Nan is so excited. She started a new story this week--taking a hiatus from her Women of Willow Bay series--and is typing quickly. We've done some heavy duty brainstorming, one of my favorite things about writing vacations and certainly one of the most productive.

Oh, I nearly forgot! The most important piece of news I have! Last night, we played Farkle, and it must be said that I was proclaimed the winner for the day. While it's true that I was the one doing all the proclaiming, I really did win three games out of five--or four out of seven--and my sportsmanlike conduct was...well, maybe I'd better not push that too much.

Nan, you got anything?

I do, actually--I'm so thrilled to be writing a brand new story! I'm already loving my characters and that feeling of getting into a new book is so amazing! It's restorative. So, hold a good thought that Hallie and Tim will be people whose story is worth telling . . . so far, so good.

Last night we walked along the river walk that follows the Black River to where it empties into Lake Michigan. The lights on the water were lovely and we enjoyed watching some boats come in and the lovely evening breeze after a long day of suffocating humidity and heat. We'll probably head down there again this evening. Take a look--gorgeous, right?

Liz has been out trying to get a picture of the black squirrels for you, but they've suddenly turned shy. Dunno why because they've been all over our yard since we got here on Monday. So, she's going to have to go back to writing and yes, drinking margs--they seemed like the perfect beverage for lunch and somehow they just got carried right into the dining room with us when we moved to our writing space.

I did indeed teach Liz to Farkle last night and then she proceeded to beat the socks off me! The nerve! But tonight I'm going to be declared champion! We're cooking in tonight, too, cedar-plank salmon, Hoosier green beans, salad, and wine. And probably ice cream because you know . . . vacation . . . Back to Hallie and Tim . . . and Libby and Tucker, Liz's characters in her new book . . .


  1. Replies
    1. A game much like Yahtzee. It's fun. Hi, Molly!

  2. oooh, covered bridges are my favorites - that one looks cool. I want to do a Bridges of Madison County some time where we just visit covered bridges (RadioMan is *not* enthused about this idea)!

    1. I think that would be fun, too, and Nan and I can attest that some trips are better made with girl friends!

  3. I didn't know what Farkle was either! Thanks for enlightening me. Party on, ladies!

    1. It's great fun, Jana, and the game is just a cup and 6 dice. Easy to play and you can find it anywhere games are sold. I think I got mine at Target. Thanks for stopping by!