Thursday, September 8

Day Three in Michigan

I'm starting this right now at 4:15 on Wednesday afternoon because Liz just said to me, "Nan, quit d**king around and get to work!" Seems overly harsh, but now she's getting me watermelon, so I can hardly be resentful, now can I? ;-) And then there's the whole she's-absolutely-right thing . . .

Our day has been quite lovely so far. We hung out at the cottage for a while this morning, talking and well, talking. Then we headed to town, wandered there some more until lunchtime. We ate at Clementine's, a very trendy but fun restaurant. The food was great and we both tried something new, so our foodie odyssey continues.  Very delish burger called a "bushwacker" for Liz--mushrooms, cheese, and a burger on grilled basil foccacia; and my broiled crab and shrimp was adorably named, "Oh My Darling." Too cute, but darn tasty!

We did a little bit of necessary shopping and then headed back to town, but stopped at a farm market for peaches because we need peaches. Who doesn't, right?

We hit the Michigan Maritime Museum for a fascinating and educational tour of life on the lake over the past 150 years. A lifesaving station and a tall ship were just a couple of the amazing exhibits there. We signed up for a boat tour on the Black River--South Haven sits at the mouth of the river where it flows into Lake Michigan, which means it's always been an active port city. Stormy weather and dark threatening skies forced Capt. Dan to cancel our cruise, but we're signed up for the noon boat tomorrow morning so more on that in Day Four's post.With the clouds coming in fast over the lake, we beat it home and have been . . . um . . . working ever since. Liz? Anything to add to this missive?

Well, yes, you didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun, did you? And, by the way, I said dinking around, not that other word. My God, what a dirty mind...

Loved the lunch. One of my favorite things about going to the beach in Florida is drinking bushwackers. (Flounders has my favorite, in case you're ever around Pensacola Beach.)  However, I could get used to the sandwich at Clementine's, too.

Caroline Goldsmith
I'm looking forward to the boat ride tomorrow and enjoyed a visit to the Maritime Museum. It was hot and gooey with humidity (which may or may not have made me a little on the whiny side) but South Haven is still a lovely place to be.

While walking around the dock looking at the Friend's Good Will and taking some pictures and managing not to fall into the river, I spotted artist Caroline Goldsmith working on a gorgeous painting of a boat. I watched her for a while while Nan was further down the dock not falling into the water, either, and was amazed by both the detail and the truth of the colors in the canvas she was working on. Since I was annoying her already, I asked her some questions, which she answered in a truly lovely Australian accent. Made my day, but she didn't get much done there for a little while. 

It was going to rain, so we headed back to the house. We've been working since we got back, having a good time--never has rained.

Heading out to Maria's  for Italian pretty soon. You have a good night. Don't forget to comment to be entered for the prize. And tell Nan to watch her language.


  1. Have another wonderful day. I did have a hard time believing that Liz said "d**king" so I am glad that was cleared up! The description of all your adventures sounds like the most wonderful BFF trip.

    1. Okay, now I really did hear "d**king" and I was sitting right across the table from Liz! Just sayin'. Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn, and yup, it's the perfect BFF trip because we travel very well together.

  2. ha - don't get up to tooooo much trouble, you two!

  3. Sounds like you're having a great time. Aren't retreats the best? Have fun!

  4. Boat tour sounds like fun! Oh the adventures you're having!