Thursday, September 22

Thoughts in Autumn

I woke up in fall this morning. There was a nip in the air and I had to put on slippers. Kinda digging it. 

Won't last long as it's supposed to be close to 90 on Monday. But, today it feels like fall.

Okay, that's all I got this morning. Might have to venture into stream-of-conscious post.

Butterflies make me happy. I don't know if they always did, but ever since I started writing Ana's story, they inspire me.

I think I'm going to bake some Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodles today. 

I've decided that Hallmark movies are my guilty pleasure. Really looking forward to the October batch that are coming. And I've also been enjoying Chesapeake Shores on Sundays. 

I watched the premiere of This Is Us and didn't see the end coming. I'm eager to see where this show goes in the coming weeks. 

I love the idea of a owning a little free library. But, the cost to buy one is out of my budget and I'm not much of a carpenter--I think I'll need more than the hammer and nails I have at my disposal. 

When all else fails, I braid my hair. Apparently, a lot's been failing, because I seem to be braiding my hair more lately. Hmmm 

I still want to paint some rocks. Jordan and I bought some a couple of weeks ago and they are still on a card table out on my patio. Talk about procrastination. 

Vancouver "Rocks" is up to almost 25K members and they seem to be planting rocks in the community in force the last couple of days. I wonder if people feel more inclined to share goodness when there's more badness on the airwaves???

And this is where I leave you.  Enjoy the first day of Autumn and may the good trounce the bad.


  1. I live farther north than you so it's felt like fall here for a couple of weeks already. Enjoy your 90 degree weather!

    1. Oh, it's only one day. LOL Today it'll be lucky to get to 70. But, our fall usually arrives in October. And then we get rain, wind, and more rain--if we're lucky. Love a stormy October.

  2. I think if you're going to make pumpkin cheesecake snickerdoodles and then talk about it, you should be sending out some packages, missy! :-) Hope you enjoyed your day.

    1. LOL. SO, you probably don't want to know that I made pumpkin streusel muffins with the leftover pumpkin this morning. I couldn't just throw the pumpkin away, right??