Friday, November 11

I'm Writing Again!

I’m writing again!

Man, that feels good to say. Those are joyous, celebratory words that roll off the tongue. Like “I won the Lottery!” and “We’re pregnant!”

I had to do it. I had to stop making excuses and begin writing. Firstly, I have a third book that needs to be written before my first two books are metaphorically covered in dust and cobwebs and everyone has forgotten me. Secondly, I actually had a couple spare hours which allowed me to sit down and get a good start. And lastly, I made it an October goal with one of my writer groups to write at least one word in October. One word. One whole word. That’s all I was willing to commit to writing, given my pathetic writing totals for the previous few months (is “zero” even a total?).

Just under the wire for the month, the afternoon of October 31st, I forced myself to the computer and plunked out a little over 1,400 words.

Whew! I made my goal and I have a new beginning for my story. Yay, me!

Perhaps the best part about getting back into writing is how I now self-edit as I go.
Nope, that’s a passive sentence… need to re-word it to make it active. Whoops, my verb tense doesn’t match. Whoa, that was a POV glitch. Uhn-uhn… I’m telling and not showing. Need to re-write it.
This is some of the mental editing going on as I write. I know I’m not catching everything. Hopefully a second and third pass will do the trick. And then my editor will catch the rest. But it is empowering to feel like I have a better grasp on writing than I when I first began. Like I’m actually—Gasp!—learning something!

I love the challenge of bettering myself (and believe me, it’s no easy challenge!). In my writerly circles, my peeps and I constantly push each other (in a supportive and encouraging manner) to be better. We ask questions, share knowledge, critique, cheerlead, and tease mercilessly (in a supportive and encouraging manner, of course ;-)

I love the thought that my writing will hopefully continue to grow and evolve. My prose will tighten, my storylines grow more complex and interesting, my characters grab the hearts of readers… It’s an exciting prospect!!

All this said, I think it’s clear I am in the early stages of a new book. You know, that honeymoon stage where I’m in love and everything is roses and champagne and the world is filled with wonder and possibility and I love writing. Hahaha!

Knowing the struggle I have to look forward to once this twitterpated giddiness wears off, I’m going to fully enjoy the thrill of the first draft! I’m going to pat myself on the back for those novice mistakes I no longer make. And I’m going to get back to writing, because I just thought of the next great scene!

In the meantime, where are you in your writing relationship? 


  1. Love your post--as always! I'm glad you're back to writing and I want that picture up there, the bottom one! I've never seen it and love it. See you later today. Drive safe.

  2. I love that giddy, honeymoon stage of writing that I feel when starting a new story. It's so great. My hope for you is that the honeymoon stage lasts until you write "The End". Best of luck, Ava.