Wednesday, November 9

Peep the Playlist for What the Gambler Risks

It's no secret that music plays a big part in all of my books, whether they are stand-alone books or parts of a series. Music actually plays a big part in my life - from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to bed, music is usually playing somewhere in the house.

What kind of music is the best music? All of it, really, depending on what else is going on. When I'm cooking, I'll shuffle through all 1432 songs on my iPhone. I have a playlist for when I'm working out, another for when I'm waiting in the carpool pick-up line at bebe's school. When I'm drafting, I'll either have my white-noise app playing (a mix of nature and mellow guitar music) or turn on the light classical station on our TV.

As I'm drafting, though, I'm thinking about pop, country, oldies, rock, and even holiday songs that fit my characters or the plot or a specific scene. And, when the draft is turned in and I'm beginning to think about polishing and revising, those songs become a new playlist - one that gets a pretty heavy workout of its own.

I'm just finishing up my Billionaire Cowboys trilogy - book three released in October - and for that series I actually had a series-specific playlist, and each book had it's own playlist, too. Some of the artists that made the series playlist include Elvis (how could he not? the books were set in Las Vegas, after all!), Kenny Chesney, Smokey Robinson, Train, and Wilson Phillips. Here's a peek into the songs that spoke to me while I was writing What the Gambler Risks:

Brothers Osborne - 21 Summer
Zac Brown Band - Beautiful Drug
Ashes Remain - On My Own
A Thousand Horses - Smoke & This Ain't No Drunk Dial
Chase Rice - MMM Girl
Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble
Dierks Bentley - Riser

But the song that got the most play? Sugarland's Run - here's the video, which I absolutely really evokes both Jase and Sabrina, for me:

Okay, readers, your turn to share - does music play a part in  your life? Who are some of your favorite artists?


  1. Song lyrics often help me with plot, but I can't listen to music (or anything else) when I write, so I never actually have a playlist. I love seeing what yours is, though--it's a peek into the writer's mind. :-)

    1. I love my music - although when I'm drafting, more often than not, the music is classical or 'white noise' type music than playlist-y.

  2. I'm with Liz--I need quiet when I write, but I play music while I drive and clean house and often lyrics inspire a conversation or a scene. Thanks for the list, I'm heading to YouTube to listen to your playlist!

  3. I don't seek songs out to listen to when I'm writing, but when I wrote Bix, I listened to a lot of classic Bon Jovi in the car. And it seemed I wrote a lot better after listening to it. LOL