Thursday, November 17

Thanksgiving Memories

A week from today is Thanksgiving. 

The first Thanksgiving I remember was when I was five or six and we celebrated on board my dad's Navy ship in Norfolk, Virginia. I remember climbing down a metal ladder into a long, narrow room with a long table. I'm pretty sure we ate on metal food trays. But, it was Thanksgiving, my dad was home, and we were eating turkey he'd prepared.

A year or two later we were stationed in Iceland and carving a bird with friends gathered around the table. And my dad fixed every turkey--except the year he and Mom decided to go to Arizona--thereafter until his death.

My sister took over the turkey dinner after Dad died because she's the one with the big kitchen, the room, and the patience to fix a complicated dinner. If I could fix it in the crockpot, and serve it on the patio, then I might consider. But the rain's arrived so the patio's out of commission until around April.

Things I'm grateful for as we head into the holiday:
1--I don't have to fix dinner.
2--I'm thankful that my retailer doesn't insist on opening Thanksgiving so I have the entire day off.
3--Hallmark Christmas movies are on continuously.
4--My family will be together.
5--Obiden memes--the best thing to come out of the election.

Gobble till you wobble and have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Margie!

  2. Lol. I'm loving those memes, too. Happy Thanksgiving, Margie--I'm going to not cook, too!

  3. Those memes are killing me - I love them so hard!

    And I'm all about the Hallmark movies, too.. gah, the syrupy-sweet-feels!!

    1. Mike keeps asking why I'm watching them and I tell him because I don't have to think. LOL They're great for background when I'm baking cookies or writing. Plus, HEA guaranteed. Win-win. Happy Turkey Day!

  4. My happiest Thanksgiving memories are of hosting the extended family. I'm not the greatest cook, but I can usually manage to not screw up the turkey too badly. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Margie!