Thursday, January 19

Life By The Pants

Sorry for the late post, but planning is not my forte as you will soon learn.

Like Liz, I am a total pantser. Although I must admit to a little bit of self-satisfaction glee when I learned she goes into the book with no idea of plot. I generally--save for Bix--come up with a general plot or idea before characters.

What if someone collected suitcases but never went anywhere?

What if outcast teenagers formed a club based on Dickenson's poem, "I'm a Nobody" ?

"What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe." What if it didn't?

After these initial thoughts, I basically wing it. For better or worse.

And that's generally how I live my life--except, you know, working. That is planned, scheduled. But, only because it has to be.

January has not been kind to this life pantser. 

Birthdays galore. It starts on the first with my brother-in-law and continues until mine on the 31st.

Then there was the whole washing machine is leaking or more appropriately, water is pouring out of the wall debacle. It's fixable, but our handy man/father-in-law came down with the flu.

And then it snowed. Big time. Shut-the-town-down big time. And then the snow iced over. 

I don't know how much you know about the Portland Metro area, but we are not built for snow. They cancel school for an inch. And I'm not exaggerating. At this point, my nephews will be in school until the end of June.

And all of these things take careful planning (plotting). My car doesn't do snow or ice. So, I had to work around KB's schedule as to when I got to work and left work. Usually earlier or later than my schedule.

Today I had to take the first of a week's laundry to the laundry mat. Tomorrow I'll finish it up before I go to work. 

And writing? Well, I did manage to get this blog out today. I think as soon as I'm done, I'll type what I wrote two weeks ago before life got crazy.

The good news is all that snow you see in the pictures is now gone. The plus about living in the PNW is rain and how quickly it melts snow. 

Now, let the spontaneity begin!


  1. I don't think I could be a complete pantser. Not knowing where I'm going would drive me nuts. Even when I think I know where I'm going I lose my way sometimes!

    I should post some pictures of the snow in my yard. Unlike your snow, I don't expect this stuff will go away until April. We never have snow days here. If we did, no one would leave their house from November to March!

    1. I couldn't take that much snow. This almost did me in. Lol

      We get snow days with just a fircadt of snow or ice. It doesn't have to arrive only threaten.