Friday, January 27

My RITA books are here! My RITA books are here!

That’s all I can say; I’m obligated not to discuss any details about the books I’m judging, which is fine with me. I totally understand the need for judges to be as impartial and anonymous as possible in contests, especially biggies such as this one.

Since I entered the RITAs myself, I am not allowed to judge in the category I entered. Which means I am judging outside of my normal genre. I’ve been pretty strictly stuck smack in the middle of the broad genre known as Paranormal for a while now. So to read books that fall outside of this genre is an exciting venture.

In my past life, I’ve read all sorts of romance books. I’ll admit that I do judge a book by its cover when choosing whether I’ll consider reading it (Although I promise not to do this with regards to my RITA books. It would unfair to let this play into my score.), and there was a time in my life when I read pretty much any romance book—regardless of the cover--the local library had because I was so desperate for free entertainment.

And its funny how my preferences have changed over the years. There was a period when I was really into western romances… the cowboy side and the native-american side. I never really dipped my toe into reading erotica, mostly because my library didn’t carry it (or if they did, they kept it well-hidden and I didn’t know enough to ask for it). My Paranormal interests would wax and wane, as would my available choices. Paranormal covers tend to be dynamic and dramatic. So for a gal picking books by cover art, it makes sense I would tend in that direction. I’ll admit it here: I even do with when shopping for wine, and I don’t think I’m unique in any of it!

Regency romances were always fun to read as well. A strange quirk for me to read about young, innocent women constrained by the stricture of society morals… especially since I write strong, loud, sexually forward female heroins. Blame Mr. Darcy for my continuing infatuation with those period romances ;-)

So, I get to step outside my current genre of choice with my RITA books. I wouldn’t consider this stepping out of my comfort zone, since I like to think I can read any genre objectively and pull enjoyment from the storyline. I mean, we’re talking love here… that’s a central theme that I can totally get behind regardless of the book’s time and place.

So, what are your favorite genres to read?


  1. Have a good time with them, Ava. I hope you got some dishy reads!

  2. I had exactly the same reaction when my RITA books arrived! :D Can't wait to start them all.

  3. I like to read different books. Currently I like women's fiction as well as romance. I also read mysteries and I love an Irish series written by Patrick Taylor.
    I like to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. An author which does this for me is James lee Burke. His books mesh the lines between good and evil. But they are good books
    Enjoy your adventure into the other worlds of romance

    1. Patrice - Good for you for stepping out of the Romance genre! I confess I don't do that, though I know I should. Enjoy!

  4. I happen to love mysteries, in addition to romance. There is something really fun about a juicy, well written book where this is a chase for a serial killer.

  5. I confess I've only judged the Ritas once but I did enjoy it, especially since like you, it gave me an opportunity to read outside the genres I usually do. In romance I read a lot of contemporary and historical and I adore Regencies. And I agree with Patrice about mysteries. Love them. Some day I'd like to write some.