Wednesday, January 25

The Things She Says

bebe's surprise face 
From the files of Kids Say the Darndest Things...come a week in the life of my kid. I'm a little biased, but I do think she's about the funniest person I know, and not just because she says what is one her mind...but because her mind jumps to so many weird conclusions.

When she was just starting to talk, I wrote down in her baby journal some of the things she said...and I shared a few too many on Facebook. When she started school, I stopped always writing down the things she said, but last Monday at breakfast she had me just about in tears (there was commentary about a change in the packaging of her Froot Loops. She was not amused), and I decided to follow her around for a week to tell you guys what she said. Here goes:

bebe on Froot Loops: Hey, they added marshmallows! The one thing this cereal was missing was another 10 grams of sugar. (I had no idea she even knew what a gram was)

bebe on the new smart thermostat: This thing makes a great nightlight! Now when I get up to pee in the middle of the night, I don't have to turn on an actual light. *gives me the side eye* You don't think it's smart enough to watch me pee do you? Because if I have to shut the door, I'm going to need to turn on that actual light.

bebe on recycling: *dumps eleventy-billion old ziplocs on my desk* Here, Mom, all you have to do is wash them out and I can reuse them. I'm a recycler! Me, eyeing a bag with questionable stains: I think maybe we can just get new ones. bebe: No! I saved those specially for you. Because I know you like to clean things! (I don't. And I'm not sure where she ever got that idea...but eleventy-billion cleaned bags later....)

bebe on boots: *singing 'These Boots Are Made For Walking', she first heard it via Just Dance* Boots are the best type of shoe for a girl, but that girl is not nice to walk on some guy in her boots. Boots hurt.

bebe on pets: I've decided I need an Barn Owl, Mom. Barn Owls are the best. Me: *side eye* bebe: Seriously, because Screech Owls are too screechy and Horned Owls are too horned-y, and Elf Owls are just weird looking and not elf-y at all. Plus, if we had a Barn Owl, we could call it Barn-y.

bebe on bed time: How about this, we'll stare-down for it. If I blink first, I get 10 more minutes. If you blink first, I get fifteen. *puts on sunglasses* And, go!

bebe on football: *pondering the game RadioMan is watching* You know, I'd like to say I like football...but mostly, I just endure it. Today, the enduring is hard. We should build LEGOs.

Okay, readers, share something silly your kiddo (or grand-kiddo) said this week (or, heck, this month)!



  1. Oh, well, naturally, my mind went blank. However, when I texted my 26-year-old granddaughter last week and she didn't answer, I texted her the next morning and said, "Answer your nana!" and she did within seconds. I have never done this and was a little embarrassed by it (and hope I don't do it again), but was also relieved she answered. I love hearing about bebe--we've watched her grow up, which she is doing in a spectacular and much too fast fashion.

    1. She is *definitely* growing up too fast!

  2. Kids are a hoot, your Bebe especially! My kiddos are constantly cracking me up as well, though my mind is drawing a blank like Liz. Maybe after more coffee...

    1. I know that feeling - I feel like I've been in a fog all morning!

  3. Being an Aspie, Jordan sees things just a little differently. Once we were talking about beliefs and I said, "sometimes you can talk until you're blue in the face..." Alarmed, she said, "Why are they hitting me?" "What? Nobody's hitting you." "Then why am I blue in the face?"

    Keep writing them down or sharing them so you'll always remember. Love that kid of yours!

  4. The only little kids I have in my life right now are great-nieces and a great-nephew, but unfortunately they live far away and I don't get to see them often. But I do remember a story my sister-in-law, who's a primary teacher, told me. She praised one of her students who'd done well on test after struggling with the material for a time. As he was leaving the classroom to go out for recess, he put on his bike helmet. Susan said, "It's just recess, not home time." The little guy replied that he was putting on the helmet so all the stuff he learned wouldn't leak out of his head. That one's always cracked me up.

    1. Oh, that is precious! What a sweetheart!

      PS: Any time you want a little 8 year old in your life, just take a little drive my direction. :D