Friday, March 24

Pity Party: No Gifts Required

Happy Friday! This week has been a bit extreme where the weather and my emotional status are concerned.

Wait, did I say "week?" Ugh, I think this whole year so far can be labeled an emotional roller coaster from where I stand. And unfortunately, I'm at the low-point right now. The good news: this means I have an uphill crest and an exhilarating thrill coming (hopefully soon). The bad news: the upward climb is a little more exhausting than just being able to throw my hands in the air and yell "Wheeee!"

So, I'm emotionally pooped. And down. And bummed. And feeling way-too sorry for myself. I didn't final in the RITA contest (mopey face). I haven't written a single word in my book this month, or even deleted a word in editing... nada, zilch (dramatic tears). The light at the end of the tunnel where my mother's estate is concerned is still very dim and distant, and I have to run the gauntlet of paperwork and legalese that would turn an intelligent woman cross-eyed... and THEN I learn her house needs drastic chimney repairs, just as the Spring Indiana Rains are about to hit (curls in a fetal position on the floor).

But enough of my pity party. While I've had a few gut punches this week, it could be A LOT worse. And I have a Spring Break cruise to look forward to. I'll try not to muck it up by brooding about the gravesite service I have to attend after I get back... I'm just going to think happy thoughts and maybe I can learn to fly off to Never Neverland.




Margaritas by day and Great Food and Wine by night.

Bathing Suits. Ack! rephrase: Bathing suits around people I'll never see again.

Family time. Hubby time.

No work.

Okay, if I can just keep repeating my little zen mantra, all the bad will fall to the side and all the good will help lift my spirits. All that is left is to throw my hands in the air and yell "Wheeee!"

So how do you keep your pity-parties at bay?


  1. I've been having some pity parties of my own lately. A whiny lunch with Nan helped me, but the doldrums are pressing hard. Hugs from me, and have a wonderful time on that cruise making memories that are going to just kick the crap out of the bad times.

  2. I feel for you, Ava...Don't take anything work related on the cruise - just exist and disconnect. Hugs, girlie.

  3. Oh, baby--Ugh and double ugh. You need all the "Poor baby" I can muster, so consider it given. Enjoy your cruise and I agree with Kristi and Liz--just disconnect and take care of you! Hugs!!

  4. I swear it's this time of year. March sucks. I feel your pain and share many of your doldrums. I'm sure once you get on that cruise and feel the warm weather, your pity party will morph into a real party.

  5. Things will be looking up soon! We'll repeat this mantra in Lotus position while drinking wine and sobbing :) Life has to improve after that! Hugs to you.