Thursday, May 4

Finding Our Way

by Margie Senechal

Yesterday we got a respite from the rain and had a nice, sunny day. Being my day off, I ventured out into the yard. My scary, scary, yard.

I decided to tackle the blackberries that have taken over the corner of the patio. About a month ago, I took the dog out and noticed that there were gaps in the brambles. I thought, if only the rain would stop, I might be able to get to the mother stalk and end the life of this unwanted invader. 

There's an early episode of Star Trek:TNG in which Starfleet Command is invaded by parasite aliens.  This is what I imagine my blackberry bushes to be like. A mother stalk who feeds all the little stalks she's planted in her orbit--meaning all of my flower beds. She's an ambitious critter.

But, the rain didn't stop and the gaps filled in with more vicious--I have the scrapes to prove it--stickery vines and flowers who are trying to rise up against the great invader.

In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park, "Life will find a way."

But, a closer look--because basically my morning was 15 minutes of work, 15+ minutes of swinging downtime, 15 minutes of tugging, cutting,and cursing, 15 minutes of texting and swinging. Repeat.--I discovered other signs of life around my sanctuary-in-waiting.

Our cold snap cracked the pot that held my spearmint and I was worried that I'd have to get a new one. Now, I'm not so sure as it seems to have survived. Although, I could transplant the spearmint and use the pot to build one of those fairy garden pots. Hmmm

I have an abundance of bluebells popping everywhere. Every year I get more and I love it. Columbines are also appearing in places I didn't plant them. Originally, I had three columbines, now I have about triple in different places.

And that pink flower? Not really sure, but it managed to come up in the midst of the blackberries and under the butterfly bush, so I'm thinking it's got the goods to survive.

 Like life finding a way, sometimes our plots have to find their way. Sometimes we have to snip the hell of out the stickery bushes just to get to the flowers blooming below. 

We might get bloody in the process, but the end result may just lead to a sweet sanctuary. And if not, there's always another page to turn.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love your garden, Margie, it's so vibrant and full of life! And great point - our plots will find a way...

    1. It just looks that way because it's so green from all the rain. Lol

  2. I love your garden, too, and especially love when you write about it!

  3. Good luck with your garden... it is an appropriate parallel for our efforts in writing. Especially the 15 minutes writing, 15 minutes on social media... ;-)

  4. I'm just impressed you have flowers already! Keep battling the beast, Margie. I'm sure your garden will thrive.

    1. Well, our cold snaps are short--a week or so. And then there's rain. Lots & lots of life renewing rain.